Fortnite: 5 Updates You Can Expect to See in 2021

Epic Games has ensured that Fortnite is constantly evolving. The developer has done this via 16 major season updates and other minor updates. As a result, fans are always waiting on Epic’s next addition to the game.


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Here are 10 upcoming Fortnite updates players can expect.

New Fortnite weapons


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Epic recently added the grappling bow in Fortnite. You can purchase this exotic weapon from Lara Croft for 600 gold bars. Data-miners have also identified two more bow variants. Firstly, the splinter bow could be related to the new Aloy collaboration. Secondly, the glitch-bow blinds your opponent when hit with it.

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point themed content

Towards the end of Chapter 2 Season 5, we were informed that a new Batman-themed Fortnite comic series would run parallel to the Season 6 story. Recently, the first installment of the series was released. The comic also gives us our first look at Rebirth Harley Quinn. Players who buy the comic can redeem her skin for free.

Upcoming Catwoman Pickaxe!

— HYPEX (@HYPEX) April 2, 2021

We will be getting a total of six installments in the Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point. Future free items which can be redeemed via these comics include Catwoman’s grappling claw, a Batarang pickaxe, and even a Deathstroke skin.

Upcoming vehicle modifications

One of the newest additions to the battle royale comes in the form of vehicle mods. Now, you can find off-road tires in garages across the map and apply them to a vehicle. This will make it faster and provide better traction while driving uphill. According to leaks, we could be seeing additional customizations for the front and rear bumpers, scoop, and even a possible ‘mega booster’.

Selling loot to Fortnite NPC’s

The effectiveness of NPC’s in Fortnite has only been exaggerated in Chapter 2 Season 6. You can now buy things like rifts and turn them into a prop. While you can spend your gold on upgrading or purchasing weapons from the NPC, you cannot sell anything to them. According to the popular data-miner Hypex, a new update could change this existing system so that we can sell our loot to NPC’s.

New crafting recipes

Crafting is a new mechanic introduced in Season 6. Epic Games will apparently be adding to the list of crafting recipes in future updates. These rumors include new recipes to craft the shockwave and explosive bow.


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Upcoming/Scrapped Crafting Formulas (They are in the files but not enabled yet)

— HYPEX (@HYPEX) April 4, 2021

These are the changes we can expect to see in Fortnite by the end of 2021. Which new features would you like to see in the game? Let us know in the comments down below.


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