Fortnite 3.01 Update Patch Notes | Today, January 20

Fortnite 3.01 is now being deployed across PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android. Also known as the 15.21 update, the new Fortnite patch for today, January 20, adds a new boss character, implements the remaining Jungle Hunter quests, and more. Here’s the full list of Fortnite 3.01 update patch notes.

Fortnite 3.01 Update Patch Notes

Fortnite 3.01 Update Patch Notes

As is now often the case, committed dataminers are first to reveal the new Fortnite update changes, ahead of any official patch notes. Datamined information includes the new Predator skin and emote, a Cloaking Device, and more.

@HypeX found the Predator Set (Jungle Hunter Set) of cosmetic items hidden within in-game files. These will soon be made available to players:

Predator as an NPC was also discovered in the latest build of the game:

Curious what Predator looks like without his mask? The new emote features a big face reveal. @ShiinaBR and @m1fnbr were the first to uncover it:

Predator wouldn’t be Predator without his cloaking device. Uncovered by @HypeX, this item’s description reads: “Become invisible for a short time. Effect is removed by swapping weapons or when swimming.”

@Lucas7yoshi provided a collage of new cosmetic items found in the latest update:

@FortTory summarized their findings in a short list:

@ShiinaBR uncovered a new portal that looks very familiar to the portal seen in the Terminator movies:

Epic Games has revealed some “known issues” that were addressed by the new Fortnite update on the Community Trello. These include Sand Tunneling now being re-enabled after having previously been disabled on January 5, and a fix for billboards in Creative that use channels to activate or hide text not functioning properly.

Aside from those known issues, Epic Games hasn’t revealed any other patch notes. This post will be updated if any new information is shared.

The next big Fortnite event has been revealed. It’s the Pele Cup, featuring over 20 real-life teams and a tournament in which the best players can do battle.

Reports of Fortnite challenges frustrating the community were thankfully solved by a new fix. Here’s the need-to-know on getting objectives to complete properly.

Predator fans await the release of the alien-hunting (and human-hunting) skin in Fortnite. Epic Games has teased the big release, but it hasn’t happened quite yet.

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