‘Fortnite’ 16.10 Full Patch Notes: Easter Event Update, Bun Bun Outfit, Bug Fixes and MORE

For “Fortnite” fans, the new 16.10 update would lead you to discover new companions like Velociraptors, the fierce dinosaurs that roam around the island. Also, get to know other important things besides the Easter event like bug fixes and other game balances made by Epic Games.

Fans Speculate Big Update Ahead of ‘Fornite’ Announcement

'Fortnite' 16.10 Full Patch Notes: Easter Event Update, Powerups, Bug Fixes and MORE

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According to a report by Eurogamer, fans have been excited to see another feature in-game in the form of the dinosaur since “Fornite” updated its Chapter 2 for the Season 6 launch.

Among the common sightings observed by the players were the eggs, which hinted at a strong arrival of an Easter Day Event.

Since “Fortnite” is a cross-platform game, the update can now be accessed by the players who have PS4, PS5, Xbox Series consoles, Android, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The introduction of dinosaurs has already been set in the game, thanks to the new update, together with several changes in crafting, as well as other game balances.

It is expected that the update will begin on Mar. 30. so, expect to receive an update soon. This also means that the server will undergo system maintenance before the scheduled update. At the moment, there is not yet a final time when the maintenance will end, but “Fortnite” provides fans with updates via its Twitter account.

The huge news about this update is the arrival of Velociraptors that will come out of the easter eggs that sprout on the island. Epic Games said that there were also tweaks in loot adjustments, as well as in crafting bones. This meant that the storm circles would also make a comeback for this update.

Express reported that the update would also lead to the Spring Breakout event, which will likely happen this week.

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What You Should Know About ‘Fortnite’ 16.10 Patch Notes?

'Fortnite' 16.10 Full Patch Notes: Easter Event Update,Bun Bun Outfit, Bug Fixes and MORE

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On the official page of Epic Games, here are the full patch notes that you need to know for the upcoming 16.10 update.


  • Adjustments in crafting bones and loots

  • An upcoming apex predator on the island

  • Egg Launcher will come together with the new quests

  • Powerups now include Class, Team, and both combinations

  • Zero Crisis Finale Playlist is now vaulted

  • You can now forage a new egg type


  • The fire rate of primal shotgun decreased

  • Makeshift shotgun is now adjusted

  • Makeshift rarity now affects crafting material costs

  • You can now collect mechanical parts and animal bones as loot


  • Fixed Split Screen “Ready Up!” problem where players find it hard to play due to the option which is not functioning.

  • Fixed duplicate Xp notifications in a part during legendary quests.

  • Fixed anomaly not appearing on Shark Island

  • Fixed missing legacies on Chapter 2 Season 5

  • Chapter 2 Season 5 Legacies missing.

  • Adjusted visibility inside the Storm

  • Visibility is extremely decreased when inside the Storm.

  • Tap to Search and other actions will now be canceled when you open your inventory

  • Fixed Characters quests not counted as progression

  • Fixed stackable items that are not separated when you use Shift-Dragged

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