Fortnite: 10 Skins Players Just Don’t Like

Fortnite’s remarkably robust selection of skins is well celebrated, but they don’t all land well. Players don’t seem to like these particular skins.

Fortnite has released almost 800 skins in its lifetime, and there are some that players really don’t like. Some are too boring, while others are simply just annoying to come across in the game. The players don’t have to have a rhyme or reason not to like a skin, as sometimes they just grate against your soul every time you see them in a game.

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There are several skins that players don’t like, but some are agreed upon by the community to be the worst of all time. While one particular skin in Fortnite might be your favorite, but maybe it’s time to make a change if you see it on this list!

10 Soccer Skin

Fortnite Soccer Skin

This skin isn’t disliked because players hate soccer or the look of the characters you have to choose from, rather it stems from the stigma around them. This skin is associated with ‘try hards’ who have way too much time on their hands to reach their level of play.

Basically, bad players hate those who use them because they are often good even though there are plenty of other battle royale games out there for them to play.

9 Tron

Fortnite Tron Skins

The Tron skin lacked originality which is why players decided to band against it, even if it was a crossover skin. There were so many opportunities for them to be more creative with it, but instead, they decided this was good enough for players to buy.

It is one purchase that players often regret making as they are enticed by the glowing colors, but soon grow bored of it and its lacking design.

8 WuKong

Fortnite Wukong Skin

Players find this skin absolutely terrifying, especially when it comes out of nowhere in a fight to kill you. Some have even compared this skin to be akin to a pile of garbage, which is not something you ever want to hear from a fanbase.

Yes, he has some cool elements but players have decided to band against him and name him one of the worst skins that Fortnite has ever created.

7 Lil Whip

Fortnite Lil Whip Skin

So many players had regrets after buying this skin and its name alone is enough to make you vomit in your mouth. It seems like an amazingly cute and sugary treat from afar, but the closer you look the more frightening it becomes.

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For example, it has three teeth and it looks as if it bit a chunk off of its own cone with two of them. The vest and headphones also don’t work in its favor or make it more lifelike. Coupled with the candified tongue, it’s practically the stuff nightmares are made of.

6 Sky Stalker

Fortnite Sky Stalker Skin

The hair of the Sky Stalker is just atrocious and gives players bad vibes the moment they see it, even if their MBTI says they would be a match. Some feel it is just a lame Raptor skin, which is one of the most beloved Fortnite skins in the game.

Yes, he looks like he came straight from Chernobyl, but beyond that, he is pretty lame in terms of color and originality.

5 Lieutenant Evergreen

Fortnite Lieutenant Evergreen Skin

Lieutenant Evergreen was a free gift that could be obtained by opening the tree in the Winterfest Cabin back in 2019, and players hate it. People consider it a ‘sweaty’ skin which is why it is another skin that players have automatically decided can never be used.

The other disturbing part of it is that the skin is for Jonesy from Peely, who he actually ate in a bunker during the Season 9 trailer.

4 Peely Bone

Fortnite Peely Bone Skin

Peely Bone was a part of the Fortnitemares set and he was so scary that players actually wish he had never been created. The first thing people notice is the two teeth in his mouth, which is strange seeing as bananas don’t have teeth.

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Second, the addition of the intestines took it a step too far as it was already enough to have half a living banana. It makes you question what kind of being Peely actually is, as this skin made players fear something they never knew they had to.

3 Luxe

Fortnite Luxe Skin

The Tier 100 skins are always supposed to be epic and have some cool alternatives to their base skin, but all Luxe did was change the color of her outfit. It was lame and players didn’t feel the want to race to the top of the battle pass when this was the best reward the developers could come up with. The best description of her is bland and it is what has set her up to be one of the most disliked skins of all time.

2 Raven

Raven Skin in Fortnite

Raven has some cool glowing purple eyes, but that is where players draw the line as the rest of him is pretty terrible. He was probably supposed to look sinister with the dark colors, but all it instills in players is a sense of ‘blah.’ The outfit is enough to make you cringe as you feel Fortnite was trying to create something edgy and really missed their mark.

1 Fate

Fortnite Fate Skin

The Fate skin is just okay, and this is enough of a reason for Fortnite players to dislike it. There is just not a lot going on as it has subtle coloring and Fate is always wearing a hood. The developers could have taken so many other directions, and instead, they decided on this perfectly unremarkable avatar that players have certainly not latched onto.

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