Fortnite: 10 Rarest Skins In The Game

Fortnite Battle Royale has been around since 2017 and in the years that have passed, the game has amassed quite the collection of character skins. Each week seemingly brings new, unique, and creative skins to the in-game shop, and, of course, in the battle pass each and every season.

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Due to the incredible amount of skins that have released, there are now many rare ones. These skins are rare because they either haven’t been featured in the shop for many months, sometimes years, or they released in a season’s battle pass but never returned again. Epic Games seems to have a vault of rare skins with only a slim chance of them releasing for purchase.

10 Hacivat

Fortnite Hacivat Skin

The Hacivat Skin in Fortnite released back September 13, 2018, for 1,500 V-bucks. Since then, it has only been in the shop three other times, making it one of the rarest skins in the game. The Hacivat Skin is also of Epic rarity level, making it one of the more expensive skins in the shop.

Interestingly, the Hacivat Skin set was inspired by Turkish culture, specifically, shadow plays. This skin is filled with bright colors and pops with vibrancy. Its last appearance in the shop was in December of 2018.

9 Black Knight

Black Knight Fortnite

The Black Knight skin is one of the longest-running skins in Fornite, first entering the battle royale scene way back in the original Chapter One, Season Two. This legendary skin was made available at level 70 of the battle pass. This skin, which is part of the Fort Knights Set, has been around the game for so long that many players might not be aware of its origins.

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What’s most interesting about the Black Knight skin is that it’s actually Fortnite staple character Jonesy. Jonesy has continued to become even more prominent in the Fortnite lore with his appearances and character arcs moving into center stage throughout Chapter two of the battle royale.

8 Sparkle Specialist

Fortnite Sparkle Specialist Skin

The Sparkle Specialist is an extremely rare Fortnite skin because it was first featured back in Chapter One, Season Two. This skin was a part of the Season Two battle pass at tier 56. Sparkle Specialist is an Epic rarity skin that’s a part of the Fortnite Fever set.

Interestingly, a remixed version of this original skin was featured in Season X. This time around it was namely Sparkly Supreme. It seems Epic Games enjoy remixing many fan-favorite skins. The character model for Sparkle Specialist is Headhunter. Sparkle Specialist is a more basic and simplistic skin but features some bright and shiny colors.

7 Aerial Assault Trooper

Aerial Assault Fortnite

The Aerial Assault Trooper skin is one of the oldest skins in the entire battle royale section of Fortnite. It originally released in the Season One of Chapter One after getting to tier 15. It cost 1,200 V-bucks. The Aerial Assault Trooper is modeled after the Spitfire character. It features a simple color palette and stays consistent with many of the original season’s skins.

The Aerial Assault Trooper is actually one of the rarest skins in the game simply because many players do not own it as it was from the original starting point of the battle royale. It will be interesting to see if Epic Games decide to un-vault this rare skin one day.

6 Renegade Raider

Renegade Raider Fortnite

As part of the Storm Scavengers Set, the Renegade Raider skin was first released in Chapter One, Season One. This original skin was made available after reaching tier 20. At the time it cost 1,200 V-bucks and was considered a Rare variety skin.

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The Renegade Raider skin has featured similar counterpart skins over the years including Blaze and the Gingerbread Raider. As it stands though, the original skin is very rare with very few players actually owning it due to being an original skin. This skin is based on the Headhunter character model.

5 Double Helix

Double Helix Fortnite

The Double Helix skin in Fortnite is a uniquely rare skin because it was only available as a promotion for Nintendo Switch. The Double Helix set was a Nintendo exclusive bundle that also include some V-bucks, a back bling, a glider, and a pickaxe. This is not a skin players will see often in the game for that reason.

A skin like Double Helix could at some point make a return to the item shop but in doing so, the rarity level would most certainly go way down, especially if opened up to all gaming platforms. This skin and bundle first became available in Chapter One, Season Six of the battle royale.

4 Galaxy

Fortnite Galaxy Skin

The Galaxy skin in Fortnite might just be one of the most talked-about skin due to its highly creative and unique look. This ultra-rare skin was specific to a promotion between Epic Games and Samsung. In August 2018, Samsung held a promotion with Epic Games in which players that pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 would get this exclusive skin along with 15,000 V-bucks.

Due to this being a promotional skin, it has no longer been available. It’s one of those rare occurrences where a skin becomes even more intriguing due to the short span of time that players were able to get their hands on it.

3 The Reaper

The Reaper Fortnite

The Reaper, or the “OG” John Wick skin, has an interesting history. This legendary skin became available and unlockable during Chapter One, Season Three as the tier 100 battle pass skin. The Reaper skin is a part of the Hired Guns set and is known for its slick and clean presentational style.

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Later in Fortnite’s life cycle, another more updated version of this skin became available in the game. This updated skin had a better likeness to Keanu Reeves’ character, John Wick. Since that newer addition became the go-to skin, The Reaper somewhat faded into obscurity, become rarer in the process. Since The Reaper is one of the original first few seasons’ skins, many players are probably happy to have it in their collection.

2 Axiom

Fortnite Axiom Skin

The Axiom skin in Fortnite is seldom talked about, mostly down to the fact that it has only appeared in the item shop twice, with the last time being in July 2019. This rare variety skin came into the item shop in March 2019 for 1,200 V-bucks. This skin features Jonsey in a sci-fi stealth-like suit. This Axiom skin is a part of the Third Eye Set.

The Axiom skin is not often seen in the battle royale game since it’s clear many people didn’t purchase this one in its short two-month feature cycle. With Jonesy becoming more and more prominent in the lore of Fortnite, it would be interesting to see if it would become more popular being released in Chapter Two.

1 Dark Voyager

The Dark Voyager skin in Fortnite is truly a rare gem, one that harkens back to the original days of playing the battle royale mode. Seeing this skin in-game means that the player donning it has been around the game for quite some time. The Dark Voyager skin was the tier 100 reward in the Chapter One, Season Three battle pass. It’s known for its bright and vibrant orange markings.

The Dark Voyager did have a remixed version in Season X called the Eternal Voyager. Rocking this rare skin in Chapter Two shows that you are a player that has been around Fortnite for many years. It’s not only rare due to how old it is, but also because it was a tier 100 reward.

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