Fortnite 1% Cup announced with whopping $10,000 prize pool; scheduled for November 17

Epic Games is offering Fortnite players yet another opportunity to earn some handy cash prizes by competing in a tournament. Joining the long list of Fortnite tournaments, Epic Games has accepting registrations for its upcoming Fortnite 1% Cup. The tournament will feature a prize pool of a whopping $10,000, which means that victorious players will be rewarded handsomely for their efforts.

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Fortnite 1% Cup schedule, format

Fortnite 1% Cup will be a single-day event taking place in two regions: NA East and NA West. The event is scheduled for November 17 (Nov. 18 IST), and will be played over two rounds. The tournament will be hosted for players of all platforms, i.e. Play Statio, Xbox, PC and mobile. Fortnite 1% Cup registration is now open on Epic Games’ official website. 

The first round will be open for all Fortnite players, who will compete in teams of two (duos) in Battle Royal mode. Players will compete in a session that will last for three hours, with matches capped at 10 per duos. The competition will be played in Fortnite’s traditional Battle Royal mode where teams will win points based on their placements and eliminations in each match. 

At the end of the first round, teams will be ranked in their respective regional leaderboard based on the total score they achieve from their matches. Only the top 1% of teams in the respective regions will advance to round two. Similar to the qualifying round, Round 2 will be played over a three-hour session, with matches capped at 10 per team. The top teams in Round 2 leaderboard will be rewarded cash prizes. 

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Fortnite 1% Cup scoring system

Placing Points
Winner 42
2nd Place 36
3rd Place 32
4th Place 30
5th Place 29
6th Place 28
7th Place 27
8th Place 26
9th Place 25
10th Place 24

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Fortnite 1% Cup prize pool

According to Epic Games’ tournament guidelines, the winning duo will be awarded $5,000. The team placing second will win $2,500, while the team taking the third place will take home $1,250. 

Final placing Prize pool
1st Place $5,000
2nd Place $2,500
3rd Place $1,250
4th Place $800
5th Place $450

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(Image Credits: Fortnite Twitter)

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