FNCS cheating allegations lead to three Fortnite pros being dropped

FNCS cheating is heating up with three Fortnite console pros getting dropped from their organization amidst cheating allegations.

Cheating is going to happen in any online competitive game – both big and small. In Fortnite, it’s particularly hard to catch cheaters and teamers without community review and whistleblowing.

This weekend, we saw two high-profile cheating allegations come out of the NA-West region; one on console and one on PC. The PC allegations were more serious, as they involved a player DDoSing a contesting team in the grand finals.

Console wasn’t free from controversy, either. Three console pros have been dropped from their organization, Team Talon, after reports of cheating during the qualification heats.

Via: Team Talon

This controversy began when a member of the first-place duo, Paul1x, shared screenshots of DMs from three Team Talon members, agreeing to feed the team of Drew and Ruben free points to help them qualify for Grand Finals.

Drew and Ruben ended up placing 15th in the Grand Finals. Fayde and his teammate failed to qualify. Paul1x likely obtained these DMs because his partner, zScary, is also on Team Talon.

The screenshots of the conversation are pretty damning. They even show Ruben telling the duo not to make it obvious when they contest them for free points.

This is, of course, against the FNCS rules. XXiF and Ronaldo did the same exact thing during the World Cup qualifiers and received a two-week ban along with the “cheater” tag from most of the community.

Since then, however, Epic have issued a 60-day competitive ban for Bucke, Kreo, Keys, and Slackes after the Storm Surge “teaming” from FNCS Week 1. Epic have yet to take action on this situation.

Interestingly, as these players get dropped from their organization, Kreo was signed to Built By Gamers. The Fortnite Guy covered all of these topics in a recent video.

(6:27 for mobile viewers)

After some initial posturing, the players involved have mostly admitted that they regret their decision and have learned their lesson.

Interestingly, we have yet to see any action on the part of Epic Games. Console is a lower-profile platform, but the prize pool was identical to PC in the West region.

Ruben and Drew earned $875 apiece for their top-15 placement. Without the free points, however, it’s unclear whether they would have qualified for Grand Finals, at all. We’ll update you if and when Epic take action against these players.

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