First ‘Fortnite’ Season 7 Teaser Shows Off New Alien Weapon

With only a few days until the launch of Fortnite season 7, Epic has started teasing what’s coming in significant ways as of this morning. They’ve released a new teaser video that is more or less just a single moving image and some text, but it’s something important all the same.


You can see below what appears to be a few different objects that may have some bearing on next season:

So, what we have here are:

  • A Fishstick toy, which could be an actual toy you unlock, or an implication of a modified Fishstick skin for this next season.
  • A carton of milk, which perhaps could be a new sort of consumable,
  • And uh, ???, what appears to be an alien weapon on the right side. With the claw-like shape on the end, my first thought was that this could be some sort of gravity gun, something to pull objects toward you or throw them away. I would expect we might get more than a few alien-related weapons in Fortnite this season, given the theme.

Update: This text from Facebook implies that yes, this is a gravity weapon: “Island surveillance shows inhabitants abide by standard laws of gravitational force. Suggesting field tech deployed to counteract this. What goes up…”

The text is as follows:

Catalog Entry #437-887

The creatures of the Island seem to use this strange, flimsy holding device to consume their… bone modification liquid?

Fascinating indeed.

Full data upload – 6.8.2021

We will obviously get a few more of these before the season hits. At least one a day, but maybe more, so keep your eye out.

We already have a clue that the aliens that are coming may have something to do with Kevin the Cube from the old map, given the symbols we have seen in other teaser imagery in the past. Here, those same cube-like symbols are in clearer focus, so when the aliens do come, I expect they will have an overwhelmingly purple aesthetic.


So far as we know, there is no season-ending live event for Fortnite to close out season 6, and the game has not done one of those in a while for some reason. We may see another “intro quest” to introduce the alien invasion when that happens on the 8th, but we don’t have any firm information about that yet either. Stay tuned for more information to come.

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