First ‘Fortnite’ Season 3 Teaser Hints At New Theme

After today’s big “The Device” event, it became pretty clear that Fortnite’s Chapter 2, Season 3 was going to be all about water, as previous leaks seemed to confirm. If you go into the game right now, the Storm has been replaced with a massive all of water, creating an impressive effect that doesn’t change the game all that much, but hints at what’s to come. Now, we’ve also got our first Season 3 teaser, and while it definitely still hints at the water theme, it’s also totally cryptic. You can see it up above.

The obvious first: it’s a shot through a camera viewfinder. I thought it was a submarine periscope at first, but the light meter in the middle makes me pretty sure that it’s a camera, which is more keeping with the spy theme of the current season than the presumed water theme of next season. It’s looking at something blurry with a shimmering water background.

My first thought was banana. Maybe I’m just conditioned to think that way, with the general prevalence of bananas after Peely made his first appearance in the game. I suppose it isn’t shaped quite like a banana, but the yellow still makes me think that this may be at least banana-adjacent, perhaps? Some sort of banana submarine? I’m working with what I’ve got, here. Which is not much.

In a normal season we could expect to have one of these each day for three days as we piece together a complete image. This whole thing is significantly truncated with the season starting on June 17, so expect these teasers to come much more quickly, filling out a complete image by sometime tomorrow night. Of course, it would also be fun if Epic just left it with this one, completely inextricable image, but I don’t think that’s actually going to happen.

Check back for more. It’s been a long Season 2, after an even longer Season 1. But Season 3 is nearly here, and there’s plenty of Fortnite left to be had. I expect something weird to happen with that giant wall of water very soon.

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