Female Midas skin leak and challenges

Fortnite Season 5 is nearing its end with the start of Season 6 on the horizon, but there’s still a couple of weeks remaining until then. And, to help fill the time until the start of Season 6, it appears that a female Midas skin will be sold as part of a Golden Touch Challenge Pack. Here you’ll find the female Midas skin leak and her challenges.

Epic Games have just released update version 15.50 which sees the return of Drum Gun as well as a LazarBeam tournament. All of this is very exciting, and you should be able to download the version right now.

The update’s arrival has resulted in the leak of a female Midas skin, and here you’ll discover the challenges that will be part of the Golden Touch Pack.

Fortnite Female Midas skin release date

No release date or price has been shared for the leaked female Midas skin in Fortnite.

However, it’s likely that the release date for the female Midas skin will arrive before Fortnite Season 5 reportedly ends on March 15th.

The current Season has gone past the formerly traditional length of ten weeks, but the good news for jaded gamers is that there shouldn’t be too long of a wait left for Season 6.

Season 6 will reportedly bring some changes to Arena, but there’s also a leak which hints at vechile-based bosses.

What are the Fortnite Golden Touch Challenges?

The Fortnite Challenges that will be part of the Golden Touch Challenge Pack and female Midas skin are as follows:

  • Complete uncommon or rarer quests (6)
  • Complete uncommon or rarer quests (12)
  • Complete uncommon or rarer quests (18)
  • Complete uncommon or rarer quests (24)
  • Complete uncommon or rarer quests (30)

These challenges will total up to 1,500 V-bucks altogether, which is certainly neat for players who will be looking to get some money back.

In addition to the above challenges and female Midas skin, the Golden Touch Pack will also come with a Golden Gambit Back Bling as well as Golden Daggers Pickaxe.

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