Famous people who can’t stand Tfue

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is the face of Fortnite, and not just because his face is literally in the game as a skin. The streamer is an avid Fortnite player who lives and breathes the title, not unlike Tfue. One would assume they would be best buddies and get along like hammers and nails, but instead they have some serious beef with one another.

Trying to figure out who threw the first proverbial punch is an exercise in futility that deserves to replace the “chicken or the egg causality dilemma.” Nobody knows if Ninja antagonized Tfue first or vice versa, but they have yet to stop dunking on one another. Tfue makes a video where he bests Ninja, and Ninja creates a post where he defeats Tfue. Ninja’s Twitter account is hacked and the hacker challenges Tfue to a fight, and Tfue responds by claiming Ninja tried to get him permanently banned.

Admittedly, Ninja has stated in no uncertain terms that he doesn’t hate Tfue and doesn’t want to fight him. However, the April 25 Mr Beast debacle where Tfue leaked the fellow streamer’s private phone number resulted in Ninja, yet again, calling out his fellow streamer.

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