Fall Guys to Introduce a Deadpool Skin?

After Fortnite announced its collaboration with Marvel in Season 4, Fall Guys seems to want one too. Fortnite has previously featured both Marvel and DC comic characters in the past. You’ll find Batman, Aquaman, Harley Quinn, and Black Manta skins are already available in the game. Such skins, content and cosmetics have always been a popular way of holding on to the player base.

While that might be the case for Fortnite, the much-loved Fall Guys does not need to resort to a similar stunt. People already love the game and collectively hate team yellow. The game has a hilarious Twitter handle to boot.

A recent tweet by the game’s Twitter handle got people wondering if the Deadpool skin is in the offing.

Yes, that is Ryan Reynolds who’s been tagged. And yes, we know he also played Green Lantern in DCEU. But honestly, everyone would be more glad about a Deadpool skin than a ‘green skin’. We have nothing against DC, of course. We just think Deadpool would make a much better skin than Green Lantern.

Fall Guys skins have been raging on Twitter recently. The devs confirmed a P-BODY skin a while back too.

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Countless other collaborations that would be popular have been suggested. Many by the game’s Twitter handle. Yet the one to take notice of is this.

A Lady Gaga skin for Fall Guys? Well, it would certainly be an ice-breaker and a sight to behold.

The game has had unprecedented success since its release. From then on, it has kept the players on their toes. Moreover, the studio has also assured its base that new content will come to the game soon.

Fortnite’s collaboration with Marvel for Season 4 smells of desperation. Especially, if you look at how and why Fall Guys is hunting for possible collaborations for skins.

In case you were wondering what cool skins already exist in Fall Guys, here’s a video to help you out. Expect to see some French fries and Hot Dog skins that’ll make you grin.

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