Fall Guys & Super Bomberman R Swap Character Skins In Crossover Event

Falls Guys and Super Bomberman R come together for an epic crossover event, as Fall Guys competes to have the best crossovers in gaming history.

Not long after teasing a collaboration on Twitter, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and Super Bomberman R officially are coming together, swapping character skins for an epic crossover event. Both games are bringing a special-edition character skin from the other, the Bomberman skin coming to Fall Guys on June 4, and the Fall Guy skin heading to Super Bomberman R Online today. The collaboration marks another in the long list of crossovers for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, as the game attempts to compete with Fortnite for the best crossovers in the gaming business.

In only one year, Fall Guys has brought dozens of epic pop-culture skins to the obstacle-style game. Shovel Knight, DOOM, Godzilla, and Among Us characters have all entered the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout tournament. All those characters and more jumping into the light-hearted labyrinth of puzzles, races, and team-based mayhem. Now, Fall Guys is adding another epic skin for players to collect, and the famous jelly bean is heading over for some fun in the Super Bomberman universe.

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According to a Twitter post from Fall Guys, the crossover starts today, with Fall Guy heading to Super Bomberman R Online for some intense battle royale fun. In just a couple of weeks, Bomberman will make its appearance in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, with the skin inbound on June 4th. Konami was quick to post its own announcement, saying that “that bean looks great with a pom-pom.”

Super Bomberman R Online players can cause some serious chaos with Bean Bomber, as players attempt to be the last person standing in the 64-player battle royale based on the original Super Bomberman gameplay. Falls Guys players will have access to the Bomberman skin come June, as players use their well-earned crowns to purchase another incredible crossover skin. Adding Super Bomberman to the list of collaborations gives Fall Guys a chance at catching up to Fortnite as both games compete to garner the best team-ups in the biz.

Fall Guys has teamed up with many indie games, and it will likely continue to do so to garner more attention from a wider audience. The game’s mainstream popularity also serves the indie game, as crossovers reveal games to players that they might have not known before. Super Bomberman R is a great example, as players from both platforms learn about the other. It’s a win-win for both games. Hopefully, Fall Guys will maintain its hot streak and get other epic crossovers with more amazing indie hits.

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available to play on PC, PS4, and PS5 platforms; the Super Bomberman R-themed content goes live June 4.

Source: Fall Guys/TwitterKonami/Twitter

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