Fall Guys Seems To Be Teasing Bomberman Crossover

Developer Mediatonic and Konami seem to be hinting at an eventual collaboration between Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and Bomberman.

Developer Mediatonic and Konami have both shared social media posts that indicate a Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and Bomberman collaboration is in the works. Fortnite arguably plays host to the best crossovers in gaming, even managing to secure the likenesses of God of War’s Kratos and Halo’s Master Chief. Fall Guys collaboration’s are nothing to scoff at, though.

The obstacle course-styled battle royale experience only launched last summer, yet collaborations with the likes of DOOM, Shovel Knight, Godzilla, and Among Us have already given players plenty to sink their teeth into. Fall Guys manages just fine on its own as well, thanks to Mediatonic’s ongoing support with DLC and free content updates. Season 4.5 notably debuted about two weeks ago, dropping users into the development crew’s “most ambitious mid-season.” The content rollout came packed with two new rounds, cross-platform matchmaking between PC and PlayStation, and 55 different round variations.

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Apparently, the team at Mediatonic has something even more bombastic in store, evidenced by a recent Twitter post wherein the Fall Guys account teases an “explosive collab coming soon.” The tweet is accompanied by a few more bomb-related hints and emojis, as well as an image that includes a character outline fit for Konami’s Bomberman character. Further proof of a potential Bomberman crossover comes courtesy of Konami’s response to the Fall Guys post. Check it out in the tweet linked below:

Given that Bomberman has featured in dozens of games throughout his nearly 40-year history, a quick excursion to a battle royale adventure wouldn’t be so surprising. Plus, the design of the hero seems perfectly in tune with the anatomy of Fall Guys‘ bean-like characters.

Fall Guys hit PC and PS4 last summer and wasted no time in becoming the talk of the town. Naturally, brand deals were thrown at the new IP left and right. But while players have no shortage of crossover content to explore, there are two companies in particular that have yet to enjoy all that Fall Guys has on offer – Nintendo and Microsoft. Nintendo Switch and Xbox versions of the title are presently in development; however, Mediatonic’s recent announcement of a delay featured no mention of a revised due date.

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available to play now on PC, PS4, and PS5 platforms.

Source: Fall Guys, Konami/Twitter

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