Fall Guys Season 4 New Skins Have Been Revealed

Fall Guys developer Mediatonic has revealed a new set of skins that will be added to the popular battle royale game when Season 4 begins.

Big news from Fall Guys developer Mediatonic, who revealed some of the new skins that will be introduced in the game’s fourth season. Not much has been announced about the upcoming new season of Fall Guys other than it will be called Fall Guys 4041 featuring a futuristic cyberpunk theme. The new season will be the first to offer 50 levels of prizes for its Fame Path, which is the game’s version of a battle pass.

The success of Fall Guys and Mediatonic has even led Fortnite-creator Epic Games to acquire the studio, although Mediatonic has assured fans that the buy-out won’t affect the development of Fall Guys. While the release date of Season 4 has yet to be revealed, the launch of Fall Guys on Nintendo Switch and Xbox has finally been confirmed for this summer. This gives more people the opportunity to play the quirky battle royale game that quickly rose in popularity when it was launched in August of last year.

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Fall Guys revealed the new Season 4 skins across several of their social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and TikTok, with each one showing off one of the four new costumes. While the new skins have not been named yet, they include a shark costume, a Men in Black Fall Guy with a three-eyed alien perching on top of the Fall Guy, a Disco Ball costume with pom pom bracelets, and what looks like a red hairy alien in a spacesuit.

The four new skins increases the number revealed so far for Season 4 to five, with the first one being the U.F.G. skin that was shown off last week. The new skins will likely be available either through the game’s new Fame Path or occasionally through the in-game shop, although the new season could introduce a new method to earn the new costumes. Fall Guys recently released Cuphead and Mugman skins for its latest collaboration, both of which are purchasable using crowns.

Season 4 of Fall Guys is looking to be just as crazy as the game’s first three and while it won’t be available on the Switch or Xbox consoles for a while, those who do have access to the game on the PC and PlayStation 4 already have quite a bit to look forward to when the new season launches, whenever that may be. In the meantime, players can still enjoy and make the most of the currently running Season 3.5 of Fall Guys, which added a whole new level to the game.

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Source: Fall Guys/Twitter

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