Fall Guys Reveals New Season 4 Levels

Mediatonic’s breakout hit Fall Guys is revealing the new levels coming to Season 4, all of which will have a futuristic theme.

Fall Guys has begun to reveal the new levels of its upcoming Season 4. The new season will feature a futuristic theme, something the title’s developers appear to be taking full advantage of.

Developer Mediatonic’s multiplayer party game Fall Guys has been a runaway success since launching in August 2020. Inspired by shows like Wipeout and Takeshi’s Castle, the battle royale-style title features costumed bean-like creatures that compete in a series of mini-games in an effort to win a crown. The game recently made headlines when it was revealed that Fortnite creator Epic Games bought Mediatonic, a move that most players see as a win-win for everyone.

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Detailed in a post from the official Fall Guys Twitter account, the short clip attached showcases one of the seven levels planned for the upcoming season. The new level, titled “Skyline Stumble” is a 60-player gauntlet race to the finish line. Skyline Stumble will feature low gravity zones, forcefields, “Flippity Bippities, Chonky Buttons, and Spicy Light Swingers.” The new level looks like its taking elements from prior levels like Dizzying Heights and Knight Fever, with plenty of unique-looking features all its own. Skyline Stumble is also sporting a vivid purple and blue color scheme, giving off an 80s synthwave vibe reminiscent of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War‘s Nuketown ’84 Easter egg.

The major thing to note for Fall Guys‘ fourth season is that it’ll be the first one post-Epic Games acquisition. Beyond announcing that the title is coming to Xbox and Switch later this year, many fans are looking forward to what new content the two entities can churn out together. There are two major theories players have so far as to what form that could take, the first of which is crossovers with other Epic-owned IP. It was leaked about a month ago that Fall Guys was getting a Fortnite crossover event, well before the acquisition announcement. The other theory fans have is that Epic will eventually make Fall Guys free-to-play, much in the same vein as Fortnite and Rocket League.

The new season, dubbed Fall Guys 4041, looks to be a fun mix of sci-fi with the title’s signature humor. Although it’s unclear when the remaining six new levels will be shown, Fall Guys has revealed new Season 4 skins. Among the new cosmetics are a tuxedoed bean with a small green alien on its head, controlling the bean with a joystick. Other newcomers include a glittery disco ball head with light-up trainers, and some type of furry red extraterrestrial, perfectly fitting for the futuristic styling.

Skyline Stumble looks to be another fun addition to Fall Guys lineup of zany levels. It’ll be very interesting to see just how whacky this future-themed season will get, and what plans Epic has in store for the title.

Fall Guys is out now on PC and PlayStation 4, with Switch and Xbox One versions slated to launch in 2021.

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