Fall Guys Releases Season 4 Patch Notes With New Levels, Features, and Bug Fixes

Fall Guys is receiving its Season 4 update today, bringing with it new levels, new features, and a hefty selection of bug fixes.

The Fall Guys Season 4 update is here, and it has plenty to offer its faithful beans. Some details of the Season 4 update might have been revealed already in the month since its official announcement, but the developers took to Twitter today to provide their fans with the full laundry list of changes, additions, and fixes.

As revealed back in February, the game’s new season is titled Fall Guys 4041 and features a retro-futuristic aesthetic. Players can expect the same zany antics across seven new levels, but the team has also thrown in some new modes based around the recently-unveiled squads functionality, allowing players to team up in groups of four. On top of all that, players can now compete in daily challenges to earn Fame and a new currency, Crown Shards, which can be transformed into Crowns if enough are collected.

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Arguably the most exciting portion of the update is the reveal of seven brand new levels, one of which, Skyline Stumble, was revealed earlier this month. Four of them (Short Circuit, Roll On, Hoverboard Heroes, and the aforementioned Skyline Stumble) are brand new gauntlet races, littered with force fields, moving platforms, pinball flippers, and more. Big Shots sees contestants dodging enormous projectiles while trying to keep their footing on a treacherous seesaw, while Basketfall and Power Trip are team challenges in which players must dunk basketballs and paint floor tiles with batteries respectively.

It’s not just new levels though: Season 4 also brings with it Squads Mode, allowing competitors to team up in squads of four. These squads will be ranked and eliminated based on the whole team’s performance, meaning that less-experienced players teamed up with veterans may be able to see and play more of the game, rather than getting eliminated early on. Two new round types have been added in especially for squads too, with Squad Race and Squad Survival bringing over all the chaos of the game’s regular modes.

A veritable swarm of bugs have been addressed in the update as well, with the Fall Guys team’s dedicated Twitter thread on the subject listing 31 individual issues that have been patched. The fixes include making beans “sturdier” and fixing some ragdolling issues, tweaking some physics performance issues and some text-based glitches, and making some general improvements to “flow” after winning or being eliminated, along with plenty more. Whatever their thoughts on the rest of the season’s content, players can certainly rest assured that their experience will be a smoother and less buggy one.

All in all, there’s a lot of exciting new content coming to Fall Guys with its Season 4 update, with potentially even more to come. This new season is notable for being the first major update since Mediatonic’s acquisition by Epic Games, so fans may soon start seeing crossover content with games like Fortnite. For now, though, the new levels, modes and fixes should keep Fall Guys‘ beans out of trouble.

Fall Guys is available now on PC and PS4, with ports in the works for Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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