‘Fall Guys’ Offers Out Rare Free Skin As Apology For Cheaters

The developer of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will be giving away a free skin to players as an apology for cheaters plaguing the colourful and chaotic battle royale.

Inspired by shows like It’s A Knockout and Takeshi’s Castle, why someone would want to cheat in a game where 90 per cent of the fun comes from your flailing and failing is very confusing. Nevertheless, a portion of players will stop at nothing to get their grubby mitts on a coveted crown. At one point, PC players were encountering hackers in as many as one in every four games. These “bad beans” were able to run faster and jump higher than other players, and some even propelled themselves to the end of levels as soon as the round started. For shame.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout / Credit: Mediatonic
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout / Credit: Mediatonic

Earlier this month, Mediatonic managed to corral the scoundrels onto “Cheater Island,” driven by the same cheat detection software used in Fortnite and Apex Legends. Though it was quite amusing to see all of these cheaters scrambling to gain the upper hand on what was finally a level playing field, the developer removed “Cheater Island” in favour of banning the offenders.

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Over 2,000 accounts have been retroactively banned, and as a “thank you” for players’ patience, Mediatonic will be giving away the new Twinklycorn skin for free. This is “an U L T R A rare alternate version of the Unicorn” costume that’s already available in-game. Yes, it’s still rare even if everyone’s getting one. It will arrive in the “next few weeks,” and here’s hoping we’ve seen the backs of hackers in Fall Guys.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout / Credit: Mediatonic
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout / Credit: Mediatonic

A stratospheric success that launched in summer, Fall Guys is starting to chop and change its colourful stages ahead of Season 2. Big Yeetus is a giant spinning hammer which appears randomly in matches to help or hinder players in their quest for the crown.

Mediatonic has called it a “chaotic neutral” entity, and players have welcomed it warmly for the utter, utter chaos it unleashes. Season 2 is set to roll out in October, and brings with it medieval-themed costumes and levels. It even looks like players will have to… work together to move ramps around the new maps. All I’ll say: we’ve all played the See-Saw stage. We know where “working together” gets us in Fall Guys.

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