Excel World Cup: Tournament Insights for Teachers on Spreadsheets

In the Financial Modeling World Cup 2021 (FMWC) vibrate passions that a priori we do not associate with Excel, the most famous program for creating spreadsheets. That is an international competition in which experts in that software face hand to hand as if it were a tournament of e-sports, although not to play videogames if not then take magic dumping data in rows and columns.

The Excel World continues next Tuesday and will be deployed in twelve stages that will run until the end of the year with a total of $ 20,000 in prizes and with the official push of the company that created the program, Microsoft. The organizers look for the most skilled user among participants who arrive from different countries.

“Is it possible to turn the financial model into an electronic sport? Can financial modeling be as exciting to watch as a tournament of FIFA, Fortnite O Counter Strike?”, Inquire the organizers of this singular contest.

In dialogue with TN TecnoSamir Asadov, who is currently ranked number eight in the world ranking of Excel experts (yes, as if it were the ATP) points out that these events can be somewhat inaccessible to the general public. “These contests are exciting if viewers can understand what is happening. I think it can be achieved with good commentators, however, complexity will create a barrier for a large audience“, recognize.

However, he recoils, “at the same time this Excel tournament does indeed have esports aspects: speed, reaction, competitiveness”. Asadov concludes that “the competition will give viewers the opportunity to learn and potentially improve their knowledge and boost their careers.”

Sport, but sitting

It should be noted that the FMWC is not new. For this reason, in part, there is a world ranking already prepared. However, the 2021 edition seeks to achieve greater visibility with live broadcasts in the best style of e-sports, and multiplayer confrontations of “all against all”. Strictly speaking, to match the scenes, the FMWC organizers partnered with the smash.gg platform dedicated to electronic sports.

Financial Modeling World Cup 2021 will have a new instance between June 25 and June 28.

But in this case there is not only competitive adrenaline but also learning spirits. “You have the opportunity to sit in a front row seat and watch the experts build the models that have earned them the top positions. After the battle, we will make sure to share the financial models with the viewers. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn tricks from some of the brightest minds in financial modeling“They comment on the matter from Microsoft.

A recent event was held earlier this month, with experts from eight countries and the presence of hosts who describe themselves as Excel masters. As we noted, more activities are expected throughout the year, including the sixth stage that is just around the corner, between June 25 and 28.

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