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It’s official! Fortnite has announced that Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 will commence on June 8, 2021. New quests have surfaced for the upcoming season and Epic Games started uploading teaser videos. These videos contain items and alien-like symbols that could be hinting at what we should expect. We collate all of these hints and previews and tell you everything you need to know about Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Story Trailer

Fortnite premieres its Story Trailer for the new season, showing us everything we need to know about the new season’s story. Meanwhile, some quests have appeared to give us an idea of what’s coming in the new season. These new quests consist of:

  • Destroy spooky TV sets
  • Use CB radio
  • Repair damaged telescopes
  • Investigate downed black helicopter

Aliens and Spooky? Mari Speculates

We’ve observed something “spooky” is indeed happening with the scattered TV sets. On the TV screen, we noticed that there is a big symbol with a countdown underneath it. After interacting with one of the CB radios, you’ll most likely be hearing dialogue from Mari. Mari, by the way, represented the ninja class and one of the playable characters from Save The World.

“I keep going back and forth,” says Mari, “cause, on one hand, I’m like, ‘Maybe the aliens will come and destroy us all just ‘cause!’ But on the other hand, I keep hoping that maybe they’re going to share some amazing technology with us. And welcome us to the galactic club of cool societies! But then I think about all the times I’ve seen ants… And I’ve never been like, ‘Hey, ants! Want to learn about levers and pulleys?’ So maybe it’s silly to expect that to happen for us. But if you’re out there, aliens, we are good learners. I mean, we’re not… But at any given time, there are like fifty smart people and we can find them for you!”

That’s just one of Mari’s audio files, and things get more interesting as you progress throughout this quest. In fact, Mari also mentions Doctor Slone in one of the radio soundbites. Based on reports of alien abductions, we kind of saw this coming already. But that doesn’t make the new season any less exciting!

Fortnite New Quests for Chapter 2 Season 7 will make you repair damaged Telescopes

The quest “Repair damaged telescopes” already speaks for itself. Things are still unclear since nothing really special happens after you repair the scopes. Our wild guess is we’ll be using these telescopes during the final live event of Chapter 2 Season 6 to check the skies for random UFOs that may be arriving. 

Once you find the downed black helicopter, you’ll be tasked to tune it to level 3. While tuning the chopper, you’ll be hearing radio noises blurting out “*hiss* truck inbound, OSPEC level 3 *hiss* field decon truck inbound, OSPEC level 3 is in effect *hiss* India Oscar field decon truck inbound, OSPEC level 3 is in effect, repeat, OSPEC 3 now a GO.

A lot of hints have also surfaced on the map such as crop circles appearing in Colossal Crops, players getting randomly abducted by aliens in-game, posters of humans and aliens holding hands around the globe are scattered all over the map.

Fortnite content creators receive creepy DVDs from Epic Games

What makes things more intense is the fact that Fortnite content creators have received creepy DVDs on their doorstep containing videos of locations with alien symbols on them. When they asked Epic Games if they were the ones that sent these DVDs to the creators, Epic Games simply denied it (they’re most probably the ones behind this, though). Some players have received postcards from supposed “aliens” containing the words “They’re Coming” and some unidentified codes in their mail. Posters that have the same images as the postcards have also surfaced randomly in some parts of the country.

Calling the number printed on the postcards and posters will have someone pick it up. YouTuber SinX6 revealed in his video a 27-second audio clip where you’ll hear a lot of strange buzzing sounds and a quick unclear dialogue from what we assume are aliens. What makes things even weirder and more interesting is that the number is registered in Roswell New Mexico. That’s the place where the UFO Incident happened back in 1947

Epic Games is without a doubt doing an impeccable job of hyping up the upcoming season. There are just so many things going on to hype the new season both in-game and the real world, which leaves us with a lot of questions about what’s to come. We cannot wait to see what Epic has in store to end the Primal Season and begin, what we’d like to call, “The Abduction Season”. All of these speculations will come to a close this coming June 8, 2021.


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