Everything You Need to Know About Fortnite Parasites


Alien Parasites have invaded Fortnite as of update v17.10.

Alien Parasites have invaded Fortnite as of update v17.10. / Epic Games

Alien Parasites have invaded Fortnite as of update v17.10.

Epic Games released even more extraterrestrial mechanics into Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7. This time, following update v17.10, players will have Mothership abductions, hacked recon scanners, and Alien Parasites.

Here’s everything the inhabitants of Fortnite Island need to know about these new creatures.

According to the patch notes for v17.10, these little guys are classified as “wildlife” rather than sentient trespassers. So, we supposed they would be more akin to our local invasive insects like mosquitos or ticks.

“However, they’re actually more helpful than the Aliens probably intended,” the notes read.

Players will likely encounter parasites taking advantage of other wildlife on Fortnite Islands such as wolves, boars, and chickens. They enable these animals to deal deadly slime attacks to anyone they deem hostile—which can prove to be quite problematic for players. Slime has a damage over time (DOT) effect so we encourage players to approach such creatures with caution.

After defeating an infected animal, the parasite will jump to the player. Don’t worry, though. The relationship players will have with their new blood-sucking friend can be pretty symbiotic. While the parasite will slowly drain player health down to 60 points, it will also grant unique abilities. Infected players can run faster, jump higher, and are protected from headshot damage. Plus: shields are completely unaffected.

“We expect their population to grow as they adapt to the Island,” the notes read.

Players will likely see more and more of these parasites as Season 7 progresses. The patch notes for v17.10 can be found on Epic’s website under the Fortnite news tab.

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