Every New Mini-Game in Fall Guys (Season 4)

A new season of Fall Guys is finally here and provides players with tons of new modes. Here is every new mini-game for Fall Guys season 4.

Season 4 of Fall Guys is finally here and features a slew of new mini-games for players to partake in. This guide will show players every new mini-game to come in this new update. Fall Guys continues to go strong by releasing new content for its players to enjoy for free. Similar to titles like Fortnite, the game does feature unlockable skins from popular properties outside of itself. In the past, players have been able to unlock skins from Portal, Sonic The Hedgehog and now Among Us is the newest skin to join the fray. Players will need to complete rounds and win games in order to collect enough crowns to purchase some of these skins. This guide will show players every new mini-game to come in this season 4 update.

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For starters, several of the classic game modes are still here. Hex-A-Gone will still be the vain of everyone’s existence because of how stressful it can get. Only the last bean standing will become the winner. Now with season 4, many of the new mini-games have a sci-fi, neon aesthetic to tie it all together. Here is every new mini-game to come in Fall Guys season 4.

Every New Fall Guys Season 4 Mini-Game

Fall Guys Race

There are 7 new events for players to experience in season 4. Here is what players can expect for each one.

  • Basketfall: This team game puts players in a round of basketball with anti-gravity is a major feature. Two teams must face off against one another to toss the ball into the enemy’s court. The team with the most points win.
  • Big Shots: Cannonballs are being shot at the player while they stand on a tilting platform. The objective is to try not to fall.
  • Hoverboard Heroes: Players will ride hoverboards to the end of the finish line while avoiding obstacles. The trick is moving forward and trying to control your hoverboard at the same time can be tricky.
  • Power Trip: Similar to Splatoon’s Turf War, players will need to grab a battery and use it to color the ground their teams color. The team covering the most amount of ground, in the end, will win the game.
  • Roll On: This is another obstacle course level with spinning platforms. The objective is to avoid falling into the slime. Just play patiently and you should be fine.
  • Short Circuit: This is the first official lapped race in the game. Players will need to complete 2 laps while avoiding tons of traps like lasers and flingers. Only a limited amount of players will be able to continue.
  • Skyline Stumble: Players will need to use the gravity boosters to get to the top. The new thing to come from this is the buttons around the level that allow you to screw with your opponents. The goal is to make it to the top but messing with players is fun all on its own.

This new season will provide new content for its players within the next few weeks. It will be interesting to see what other new skins will join the line-up. Fall Guys has much to share for those who continue to play.

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Fall Guys is available now on PC and PlayStation 4.

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