Every Gold Bar Safe Location in Sweaty Sands

Each named location in Fortnite Season 5 will sometimes spawn Gold Bar safes where players can loot 150 Gold Bars. There are 10 at Sweaty Sands.

Players can earn Gold Bars, the new in-game currency in Fortnite Season 5, from completing a variety of quests and bounties for the 40 NPC bounty hunters located all around the map. This currency allows players to purchase new Exotic Weapons and upgrade their guns with the NPC vendors. It also allows them to hire an NPC as a bodyguard to help them gain an advantage during a match. There is another way to earn Gold Bars in Fortnite Season 5, though it is somewhat rarer and more difficult. Players can get the highest available single yield of Gold Bars by finding and looting small Gold Bar safes. These can be found in most of the named locations around the Fortnite map and will contain 150 Gold Bars each.

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The spawn rate for these safes is low, and not every match will have a safe to find. Because of this, players shouldn’t count on safe searching as a viable way to make a lot of Gold Bars quickly. However, once they know all the possible spawn locations, they can stop by and check when they are in a named location as they progress through a normal match. They might get lucky and have the chance to loot a 150 Gold Bar payout. There are 10 possible spawn locations for Gold Bar safes in Sweaty Sands. This is a great place for players to check around, as the chance of one spawning here is higher than some other named locations. Here’s everywhere players should check to find a safe at Sweaty Sands in Fortnite Season 5.

Every Gold Bar Safe Location at Sweaty Sands in Fortnite Season 5

Map of all 10 Gold Bar safe locations at Sweaty Sands in Fortnite Season 5

Sweaty Sands is a staple POI players will find in the northwest part of the island, just south of Coral Castle. All the safe spawn locations are fairly close together, but players may need to do a little bit of searching inside the many buildings to check them all in a single match. If players land at Sweaty Sands from the bus, they can maximize their chances of checking for safes carefully and finding any before opponents do.

The map above shows all the approximate spawn locations for Gold Bar safes at Sweaty Sands. Players can find a more detailed description of each location below:

  • Location 1: By the counter on the main floor of the restaurant building near the end of the Pier.
  • Location 2: On the third floor of the building west of the hotel, to the left of the bed.
  • Location 3: On the fifth floor of the hotel, to the left of a bed beside a chrome kitchen.
  • Location 4: In the east bedroom of the home furthest southeast of Sweaty Sands, next to one of the windows.
  • Location 5: In the duplex west of Location 4, in the southern bedroom on the second floor of the blue building.

One of the Gold Bar safe spawn locations in a bedroom in Sweaty Sands in Fortnite Season 5
  • Location 6: In the same duplex as Location 5, in the westernmost second-floor bedroom on the green side.
  • Location 7: On the second floor of the duplex east of the RV park, next to the bed in the apartment on the right.
  • Location 8: In the RV furthest southwest of Sweaty Sands.
  • Location 9: On the second floor of the blue building east of the large gas station at Sweaty Sands, between the stove and table in the kitchen.
  • Location 10: On the second floor of the Tacos building, next to the bed.

If players can’t find any safes at Sweaty Sands, they can head to another named location nearby, like Pleasant Park or Holly Hedges, to continue their search.

If players do manage to loot the 150 Gold Bars from one of these safes, they can save their Gold Bars for use in a later match to purchase the weapons, upgrades, or services they want. These will not disappear at the end of a match.

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