Every Gold Bar Safe Location in Salty Towers

Each named location in Fortnite Season 5 will sometimes spawn Gold Bar safes where players can loot 150 Gold Bars. There are 4 in Salty Towers.

Players can earn Gold Bars, the new currency in Fortnite Season 5, from completing a variety of quests and bounties for the 40 NPC bounty hunters located at various spots around the map. This currency allows players to purchase new Exotic Weapons and upgrade their guns with the NPC vendors. It also allows them to hire an NPC as a bodyguard to help them gain an advantage during a match. There is another way to earn Gold Bars in Fortnite Season 5. Players can get the highest available single yield of Gold Bars by finding and looting safes. These can be found in most of the named locations around the Fortnite map and will contain 150 Gold Bars.

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Though there are plenty of places players may come across a safe, they spawn at low rates, and it is impossible to predict when and where one will be available. Rather than hunting specifically for each one, players who know where to look at any given location can check these spots and may be lucky enough to find one that has not yet been looted by an opponent. Players can find four safes at the new Salty Towers POI, one of the more dangerous locations on the Fortnite Season 5 map. Here’s where these Gold Bar safes spawn.

Every Gold Bar Safe Location at Salty Towers in Fortnite Season 5

Map locations of all 4 Gold Bar safe spawn locations at Salty Towers in Fortnite Season 5

Salty Towers is one of the more popular POIs in Fortnite Season 5. Because of this, it might be dangerous for players to land there. However, most fans will find themselves passing through Salty Towers at some points during matches. Players can look for safes during these brief passes but will need to be careful to avoid enemy fire.

Salty Towers is a new named location on the western side of the new desert biome, west of Zero Point and north of Weeping Woods. There are two roads, one that leads into it on the west side and one that cuts through the center of the location, running north to south. The map above shows the approximate locations of each safe. Players can read a more detailed description of each safe’s location below:

  • In the second floor west bedroom of the blue house on the western side of Salty Towers, north of the western road.
  • On the third floor of the red tower building at the southern part of the POI.
  • On the second floor of the blue tower building at the southern part of the POI.
  • In the office on the second floor of the large building near the center of Salty Towers, southeast of the first safe and northeast of the tower safes near the road that cuts through the POI.

One of the Salty Towers Gold Bar safes spawn in the blue house on the west side of the POI in Fortnite Season 5

Players should check all four of these spots any time they pass through Salty Towers. Thankfully, all the locations are somewhat close to one another and therefore easy to search all at once.

Each safe players find contains the 150 Gold Bars. Players are able to save Gold Bars between matches to use when they find a weapon, upgrade, or NPC bounty hunter they really want in their arsenal for a certain match. If players don’t find the safes here, they can check at the other named locations nearby, like Weeping Woods, Pleasant Park, and Hunter’s Haven.

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