Every Fortnite Week 4 alien artifact and where to find them

A new week has started on the island, and Fortnite Week 4 alien artifacts are spawning at new locations.

The Week 4 Challenges have gone live recently, and gamers have an excellent opportunity to claim a significant amount of XP to rank up the tiers and unlock pages of the Battle Pass.

Epic has introduced alien artifacts to the island, and collecting these items will reward them with significant points to customize the Kymera cosmetic.

Getting hold of the Fortnite Week 4 alien artifacts can be tricky if gamers are unaware of their spawn points. But this article will reveal their locations.

Fortnite Week 4 alien artifacts locations in Season 7

1) Steamy Stacks

The first of Fortnite Week 4 alien artifacts is located at Steamy Stacks. Gamers will be required to land atop the building in the center of the POI.

They will be required to search for the big pipe adjacent to the building. The pipe makes a “U” shaped structure, and the alien artifact sits on top of it.

Fortnite Week 4 alien artifact locations (Image via Fortnite.gg)
Fortnite Week 4 alien artifact locations (Image via Fortnite.gg)

2) Dirty Docks

The next Fortnite Week 4 alien artifact is at Dirty Docks. The warehouse closest to the sea on the easternmost side contains this coveted in-game item.

The alien artifact is hidden below a set of stairs found outside the building. Gamers are advised to stay aware of their surroundings as the artifact is tactfully hidden and can skip attention easily.

3) Lazy Lake

In the Northern part of Lazy Lake, there is a bright yellow building that is quite prominent, and gamers can see it without any issues. At the back of this house is a small shed, which contains one of the Fortnite Week 4 alien artifacts.

4) Weeping Woods

Weeping Woods consists of two large cabin-like structures. To get hold of the alien artifact, loopers will be required to visit the smaller of the two buildings.

They will come across the alien artifact situated right beside the door, which leads to the inner compartment of the cabin.

5) Holly Hedges

To get hold of the final Fortnite Week 4 alien artifact, players will be required to go to Holly Hedges. The central building’s courtyard here contains several shelves, and on the middle one, the alien artifact spawns.

Several loopers will be dropping off at these locations to get hold of these alien artifacts. Therefore, gamers are advised to carry adequate weapons and ammunition just to be safe.

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