Every Fortnite Crossover This Season

Part of Fortnite’s battle royale popularity is in its many crossovers, and Chapter 2 Season 5 has had no shortage of them since day one.

Even as the game enters its fourth year, Fortnite is still finding ways to keep its battle royale formula fresh and inviting. The season-oriented approach that Epic Games has committed to has proven to be very successful, and the seemingly constant stream of new cosmetics gives players something to work towards every time they turn on the game. Perhaps the most attractive feature that Fortnite has in contrast to most other battle royale games is its frequent crossover events, each of them bringing in new content based on well-known properties such as Marvel or Star Wars.

The most recent season of Fortnite has already had some of the most ambitious crossovers to ever grace the game. Some truly unexpected properties have been introduced, each of them coming from a different realm of pop culture. Whether it’s movies, television, or other video games, it would seem that nothing is off the table at this point when it comes to Fortnite crossovers.

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The Mandalorian

fortnite mandalorian the child

Chapter 2 Season 5 started off strong with crossover content by bringing the immensely popular Mandalorian into the game. Not only did Fortnite players have the chance to unlock Mando’s armor for use as a cosmetic, but there was also an in game challenge where, if players found the crashed Razor Crest, they could fight the Mandalorian for a chance to use his jetpack and sniper rifle upon defeating him. Arguably the most coveted reward for this crossover event was what players received upon hitting level 100 in the battle pass. If players were able to reach this goal, either through gameplay or V-Bucks, they got access to a Baby Yoda (or Grogu) cosmetic that puts the pint-sized Force user on their back at all times.

God of War

Fortnite Kratos God of War Skin

Another one of the early events in the most recent season brought a Sony legend to all versions of the game, as God of War‘s Kratos was added as a buyable cosmetic. In addition to the skin, players could wield the Leviathan Axe as a pickaxe and customize further with a new glider and back bling based on the game. What was perhaps most shocking about this addition was that Kratos was not exclusive to the PlayStation version of Fortnite, allowing Xbox and Switch owners to access to the Ghost of Sparta as well. There was some special treatment for PS5 owners, however, as using the Kratos skin in a match on the system unlocks the Armored Kratos skin.


fortnite master chief skin

Continuing the trend of gaming icons, Microsoft got some love with the addition of Halo‘s Master Chief as a usable skin. Similar to Kratos, Master Chief was available to everyone that plays Fortnite, giving PlayStation and Switch owners the chance to experience what it’s like to run around as one of the deadliest spartans the UNSC has ever seen. Chief became the second part of the Gaming Legends series of skins that started with Kratos, so rumors have been running rampant on who might represent Nintendo in the future. A lot of gamers believe that Metroid‘s Samus Aran could be added next, considering the hunter theme of other skins, but it’s all speculation at this point.

The Walking Dead

fortnite and the walking dead

Moving over to the world of the undead, Daryl Dixon and Michonne from The Walking Dead were added to Fortnite as separate skins in mid December. In order to get all of the content for both characters, players had to purchase the Survivors in Arms Bundle using V-Bucks. This pack included the Daryl Dixon and Michonne skin, Daryl’s Knife pickaxe, Michonne’s Katana pickaxe, Hunting Quiver back bling, and a Katana Sheath back bling.

Green Arrow

fortnite green arrow crew

One of Fortnite‘s first ventures into the world of DC Comics was with the Batman crossover event that occurred in 2019, and this most recent season saw them return to the company’s properties with the introduction of Green Arrow. This skin took clear inspiration from the Arrow TV series, opting for the leather hooded, full beard look as opposed to the Van Dyke mustache and goatee from the comics. This skin was a part of the Fortnite Crew subscription service, making him the second exclusive skin to subscribers.

Marvel Royalty and Warriors Pack

fortnite black panther captain marvel taskmaster skin

Fortnite is no stranger to Marvel content, considering one of the earliest events in the game included Thanos around the same time that Avengers: Infinity War was in theaters. This skin pack seemed to tie up some loose ends on characters that hadn’t been added to the game at that point, as it included Captain Marvel, Taskmaster, and Black Panther, the third of which many fans had been clamoring for since the last Marvel event with Galactus. They all received their own respective pickaxes and gliders, with Captain Marvel and Black Panther receiving special styles that enhanced customization.

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fortnite where is predator

Continuing the hunter theme of Chapter 2 Season 5, the Predator was added to Fortnite in late January. Unlocking this skin would prove to be much more of a challenge compared to previous cosmetics, as players had to hunt the creature down similarly to the Mandalorian crossover. Players would have to complete a number of requirements before they could encounter the Predator, and once they did, the fight would not be a walk in the park. Once the Predator was defeated, players got access to its cloaking device for the remainder of the match and the skin to use whenever they like.


fortnite terminator skins

Right on the heels of the Predator crossover, the Terminator films got some representation with skins based on the T-800 and Sarah Connor. The design of the two characters was based on their appearances in the second Terminator film, with the announcement trailer even referencing the famous T-800 thumbs up scene.

G.I. Joe

fortnite snake eyes skin

In a collaboration with Hasbro, Snake Eyes from the G.I. Joe franchise was added to the game with an updated design made just for Fortnite. The inclusion of Snake Eyes also served as a way to promote a new Snake Eyes: Zero Point Edition action figure based on the character’s appearance in the game.


fortnite tron characters

The month of February continued the trend of properties that became popular in the 80s with the introduction of skins based on the Tron films. A handful of different skins based on the Grid Warriors were added to the game, as well as a glider based on the iconic Light Cycles.

The Flash

Epic Games Flash Cup tournament

Returning to the realm of DC Comics, the Flash was added to the game in a rather unique way compared to previous crossovers. A special challenge was given to players that wanted access to the Scarlet Speedster before he officially hit the Fortnite marketplace. If players completed 10 duos matches within 3 hours they would unlock the skin, which was based on his design in The Flash TV show.

Street Fighter

fortnite street fighter

One of the most recent crossovers has brought players back to the landscape of video games with the inclusion of Street Fighter‘s Ryu and Chun-Li as unlockable skins. These two are currently available on the Fortnite marketplace.


fortnite where is the xenomorph

The newest addition to the Fortnite crossover universe is Ripley and the Xenomorph from the Alien franchise. These skins and their accompanying cosmetics are available in the Space Gear Bundle.

Fortnite is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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