Esports News for August 25th

Esports News for August 25th
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There was some major news handed down by Valve Software’s beloved Defense of the Ancients 2 this week. Posting from their official Twitter, @Dota2 notified the community that the Dota Professional Circuit would be paused for the foreseeable future, as would The International 10. This is a huge decision, but necessary.

You might be wondering ‘well, why would they have to cancel the entire circuit and TI, couldn’t they just move it online?’ A good question given what many of the Esports tournament organizers have done so far this year. However, Valve had many big plans for the next season of the DPC some of which included better regional leagues allowing more streamlined and competitive process to the majors and then for The International. 

With the 2020 TI in Sweden already postponed, and no clear end for COVID-19 it is understandable that such huge events like majors and TI plan for the return of lan. The International is not just a competition but a celebration, party, display, production of the Dota community. Having it in a ‘bubble’ or quarantined area for the competitors would never have been an option for Valve and that is the way it ought to be. Holding TI as a step above just your typical Esports tournament, only with a bigger prize purse, is what is necessary to ensure the standard stays above the rest.

Many Esports continued their operations, almost in full, but through an online format this year; CSGO, Fortnite, League of Legends, Call of Duty and Overwatch. Dota’s tournament organizers still ran most of their events through some regional leagues. However, with many teams having their players situated across the globe, the use of substitutes and coaches took a bit away from the prestige. That said, there has been ample betting opportunities running in every major region weekly, almost daily, since March and that looks promising to continue through the remainder of 2020.

Epic Games Postpones Fortnite World Cup

Epic Games also followed in Valve’s footsteps postponing their World Cup event. Given the fantastic reception, prize pool and mainstream spotlight it received in 2019, being held at the famous Arthur Ashe Stadium, it was a good decision to wait until a similar Cup could be recreated. Epic has made international headlines for the past week or so in going after tech-giant Apple over their governance of their application store.

On Tuesday, a district court ruled that while Apple had no responsibility to return Fortnite to their store, after breaching their terms, but could not punish affiliated bystanders in this goliath, potentially precedent-setting trial. Mobile Esports have taken off over the past two years so this could have dire ramifications for not only Fortnite, but where the mobile gaming industry goes.

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