ESO patch notes: Greymoor patch update for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

The Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor expansion is finally set to release after ESO maintenance, which began at 10 AM GMT on June 10, 2020. Greymoor was already out on PC and is now live on PS4 and Xbox One gaming consoles. It unlocks the Western Skyrim to enable fans to take on new quests and enjoy the latest features. Check out the full ESO patch notes here.

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ESO Greymoor patch notes

1. New Zones – Western Skyrim/Blackreach

To start a voyage, players can choose from the following options:

  • Make a new character and play through the tutorial
  • Enter the zone with the existing character

Greymoor includes these activities:

  • Six delves, with every delve having its own Skyshard and associated content
  • Six challenging world bosses
  • Two public dungeons: Dwarven stronghold of Nchuthnkarst and the ancient tombs of Labyrinthian
  • Defending the realms of Western Skyrim and Blackreach from powerful Harrowstorms
  • New set crafting stations
  • More than thirty hours of quest content, exploration, and achievement hunting

2. Antiquities

  • Leads
  • Scrying, Excavating, and the Antiquarian’s Eye 
  • Antiquities list
  • Dwarven Ebon Wolf mount – this will be the first time where a canine mount is earnable in-game
  • Antique Map furnishings of almost every zone in the game
  • Three new Motifs
  • Cosmetic options
  • The Aldmeri Symphonium, a new Music Box furnishing will be divided into three Fragments and need Thieves Guild
  • A Magicka Lance siege weapon will be available in three varieties which include Ice, Fire, and Shock
  • A new Emote – the Alinor Allemande (this will require a Summerset)
  • Over a hundred fresh sellable treasures worth a total value of more than 300,000 gold. Three treasures will be available for every zone
  • More than fifty new and highly impressive Furnishings for your home

3. New Trial: Kyne’s Aegis

  • Kyne’s Aegis is a 12-player Trial that has reached from the northern coast of Western Skyrim
  • The Trial comes with a regular and challenging Veteran version
  • It offers a number of unique item sets as part of the Trial which includes perfected versions that can be found only in the Veteran difficulty.
  • It also offers special achievement rewards for completing the Trial. These include several titles, unique housing items, a unique skin, a new multi-player Memento which is awarded on completion of all achievements within the Kyne’s Aegis.

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4. New Item Sets

Overland (Winter’s Respite – Light Armor)

  • 2 – Adds 129 Magicka Recovery
  • 3 – Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
  • 4 – Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
  • 5 – Casting abilities

Overland (Venomous Smite – Medium Armor)

  • 2 – Adds 833 Weapon Critical
  • 3 – Adds 833 Weapon Critical
  • 4 – Adds 129 Weapon Damage
  • 5 – Dealing Critical Damage will inflict Hunter’s Venom on your opponents for 2241 Poison Damage to your target and nearby opponents every 1 second. The effect will take place once every 15 seconds.

Overland (Eternal Vigor – Heavy Armor)

  • 2 – Adds 129 Magicka Recovery
  • 3 – Adds 129 Stamina Recovery
  • 4 – Adds 129 Health Recovery
  • 5 – Adds 1407 Maximum Health
  • 5 – Adds 337 Stamina and Magicka Recovery when the Health is more than 50%. Adds 1011 Health Recovery when the Health is 50% or below.

Crafting Stuhn’s Favor

  • 2 – Adds 129 Weapon Damage
  • 2 – Adds 129 Spell Damage
  • 3 – Adds 1487 Physical Penetration
  • 3 – Adds 1487 Spell Penetration
  • 4 – Adds 129 Weapon Damage
  • 4 – Adds 129 Spell Damage
  • 5 – Dealing damage to an opponent who has lost his balance will earn you 5312 Physical and Spell Penetration for 10 seconds

Crafting Dragon’s Appetite

  • 2 – Adds 129 Weapon Damage
  • 3 – Adds 129 Stamina Recovery
  • 4 – Adds 129 Stamina Recovery
  • 5 – Increases the damage caused to bleeding opponents by 225.

Crafting Spell Parasite

  • 2 – Adds 129 Spell Damage
  • 3 – Adds 833 Spell Critical
  • 4 – Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
  • 5 – Whenever a player deals damage, they will regain 63 Magicka. The will be effective once every 0.25 seconds.

5. New Collectibles


  • A new Solitude Silver Wolf has been added which players can get once they complete the ‘The Vampire Scholar’ quest.


  • A Miniature Dwarven Sun can be acquired by completing the ‘The Tones of the Deep’ quest.
  • Kyne’s Tablet of Storms can be earned by completing the ‘The Fading Fire’ quest.
  • A Ritual Circle Totem can be unlocked with the ‘Shield of the North’ achievement.


  • The Antiquarian Robes can be unlocked by completing the ‘Master of the Eye’ quest.
  • A Master Field Cartographer can be earned by collecting and combining the different Cartographer Fragments found in the Nchuthnkarst public dungeon.
  • An Antiquarian Field Garb can be acquired by completing the ‘Master Antiquarian’ quest.


  • Reach-Mage Ceremonial Skullcap: Players need to put together 20 Arena Gladiator’s Proofs with a Reach Mage’s Ferocity, which can be purchased from the War Researchers in Cyrodiil.


  • Wolfcrown of Solitude can be unlocked by completing the ‘Daughter of the Wolf’ quest.


  • Seaborn Silver can be earned by completing the ‘Kyne’s Aegis Conqueror’ quest.

Outfit Styles

  • Antiquarian’s Pickaxe can be unlocked by earning the ‘Master of the Spade’ achievement.
  • The Wolf of Solitude Replica Sword can be unlocked by completing the ‘Greymoor Rising’ quest.
  • A Karthwatch Sigil Shield can be earned by completing ‘The Vampire Scholar” quest.

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6. New Homes

The Snowmelt Suite and Proudspire Manor are the two new homes players can obtain with this ESO update.

7. Vampire Updates


  • All the Vampire abilities and persistent effects will feature new icons.
  • The visual effects have been updated and will be infected with Noxiphilic Sanguivoria (the initial Vampirism infection).
  • All the skill points spent in Vampire abilities will be refunded.
  • The Vampires will be set to the first stage.
  • All the Vampire Stages have been refactored significantly.

Drain Essence

  • The Drain Essence ability has been removed from the game and will be replaced with Eviscerate.
  • All the experience gained in Drain Essence will be transferred to Eviscerate.

Bat Swarm

  • Bat Swarm has been removed from the game and will be replaced with Blood Scion.
  • All the experience gained in Bat Swarm will be transferred to Blood Scion.

Eviscerate (New Skill)

  • The Eviscerate is a straight damage melee attack that inflicts more damage based on the player’s own missing Health.
  • Blood for Blood (Morph 1) – It will cost Health to use and increases the damage bonus based on the player’s own missing Health.
  • Arterial Burst (Morph 2) – It will always be a Critical Strike if players use it while under half Health.

Blood Frenzy (New Skill)

  • Blood Frenzy is a new skill that will act as a permanent buff. Players will be able to toggle it on and off outside of the global cooldown.
  • Simmering Frenzy (Morph 1) – It will raise the Weapon and Spell Damage bonus, but it will also raise the Health cost the longer it remains toggled on.
  • Sated Fury (Morph 2) – When it is toggled off, players will be able to heal for a portion of the Health that they have spent while it was turned on.

Vampiric Drain (New Skill)

  • Vampiric Drain is a new skill that is a short channelled beam ability. It inflicts low damage to the enemy but heals players for a big amount of the missing Health over time.
  • Drain Vigor (Morph 1) – Restores a portion of your missing Stamina over the channel.
  • Exhilarating Drain (Morph 2) – Generates Ultimate over the channel.

Mesmerize (New Skill)

  • Mesmerize is a crowd control ability that affects all the opponents in a cone that are right in front of them.
  • Hypnosis (Morph 1) impacts all the opponents around them instead of opponents in the front.
  • Stupefy (Morph 2) – Opponents will be snared once the stun ends.

Blood Scion (New Skill)

  • Blood Scion is a new transformation ability that can turn a character into a horrific Vampire monster. Transforming instantly will also heal the player into full Health. It also increases Stamina and Magicka.
  • Swarming Scion (Morph 1) – Bats swarm around players after the transformation, dealing damage to opponents that come close.
  • Perfect Scion (Morph 2) – Players move to Vampire Stage 5 after the transformation, which grants all the benefits of Vampire Stage 4 without any drawbacks.

Savage Feeding

  • Savage Feeding no longer exists in the game and replaced with Feed.

Supernatural Recovery

  • Supernatural Recovery no longer exists in the game and replaced with Dark Stalker.

Blood Ritual

  • This ability has been moved to the fourth Passive Skill in the Skill Line.


  • The Undeath ability has been moved to the fifth Passive Skill in the Skill Line.
  • It will now reduce your damage inflicted by up to 15/30% based on each percentage of the missing Health.

Unnatural Resistance

  • This ability no longer exists in the game and replaced with Undeath.

Dark Stalker

  • This ability has been moved to the second Passive Skill in the Skill Line.
  • It will now decrease the time taken to enter the Crouch by 25/50% at all times, instead of only at Night.

Feed (New Skill)

  • Feed is a new skill that will be the first Passive Skill. It will be allocated automatically for free after getting the Vampire Skill Line. This will allow players to Feed on the opponents and describe the bonuses and penalties of Vampire Stages.

Strike from the Shadows (New Skill)

  • Strike from the Shadows will be the third Passive Skill that will give a short bonus to a player’s Weapon and Spell Damage after leaving Sneak, Invisibility, or Mist Form.

Unnatural Movement (New Skill)

  • The Unnatural Movement will be the 6th Passive Skill in the game that reduces the cost of Sprint and allows players to become invisible after continuously sprinting.

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