Epic to host FNCS Invitational with $2 million prize pool

After Chapter 2 – Season 2 of the Fortnite Champion Series was announced this weekend, Epic Games revealed a new online invitational tournament. Starting on May 2, all Champion ranked players will be able to take part in a two-part qualifying session for the chance to progress to the next stage.

Invitational for the Fortnite Series Tournaments, up to 600 players per region will be offered and $2 million in prize money (£1.62 million) in all regions will be distributed.

The FNCS Invitational is a Solos competition, which will follow an entirely different format and point system to previous events.

As many would expect, the prizing ramps up significantly every week with even the 100th place players receiving a few hundred dollars for their efforts after the finals. Another 100 players will qualify for the contest via open qualification events per zone. Still, until that’s possible again given the current pandemic situation, it’s good to see Epic Games funding ongoing online competition.

According to Esports Earnings, Fortnite contests have to date granted the third all-time behind Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Attack, with a profit in excess of $85,1 million ($69 million).

Epic will invite the top 100 players from the Chapter Two, season two PC FNCS Finals, the Chapter Two, season two Console/Mobile FNCS Finals, the Chapter Two, season one FNCS Finals, and the season X FNCS Finals. The North America East champion will pocket $100,000, while the North America West victor will earn $40,000. The developer will also directly invite 100 players that it feels are fit to participate in the Invitational.

Although Fortnite esports hasn’t had a large, showcase event since last July’s Fortnite World Cup, Epic Games has continually funded online tournaments across regions, platforms, and formats since then.

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