Epic Games teases new Fox Clan and Drift content

Epic Games recently shared a series of tweets on its official Twitter handle indicating that some new Drift-themed content is set to make its way to the battle royale game. The first tweet started off with “establishing connection” which seemed a bit odd, however, it directly referenced Drift later on in the post. From here, the company posted a bunch of follow-up tweets stating that the Fox Clan could be in some kind of trouble. At this point, the gaming studio had also changed its profile image to a Fox Clan logo, along with a new header image. 

While this was obviously confusing to a lot of fans, what left them more confused was the fact that the tweets were soon deleted by Fortnite. So, if you visit the official @FortniteGame Twitter handle, you will see that there’s no such tweet anymore. In addition, the company has also restored its original profile and header image.

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Fortnite Drift skin

A lot of fans believe that this could be a teaser for the next Crew skin in Fortnite. While it is not yet confirmed, that could certainly be the case as popular Fortnite data miner HYPEX also pointed out that the tweets could be linked to the new Fortnite Drift Skin which will be arriving in the game. 

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Based on the appearance, it seems like the upcoming crew skin will be a female variant of Drift. However, as mentioned earlier, nothing has been confirmed as of yet. There are also speculations online suggesting that the Drift skin will be part of the Fortnite Crew February edition of the subscription rewards.

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Epic Games introduced the Fortnite crew monthly membership service for players before the start of Fortnite Season 5. As part of the subscription service, the gaming company offers 1,000 V-Bucks to members every month along with the Battle Pass. Apart from this, gamers also get a bunch of other exclusive items including a new skin.

Fortnite is now available across various platforms which include the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch and Android.

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Image credits: Epic Games

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