Epic Games: 12.60 Update Release for Fortnite Season 2

Epic Games has released a few updates for PC gamers of Fortnite. The patch note update release will be one of the last significant changes in the game before the next season that streams from June 4.

The 12.60 Updates of Fortnite 2

Confusing and shocking news is that Epic will not be releasing its updates officially, and through complete patch notes anymore. But the removal of bugs and other minor changes will be informed through Trello.

Party-Royale: Jetpack and Grappler are additional items.

Operation Infiltration: This is a new Spy game LTM where one team infiltrates the other to get briefcases full of intel. The team that defends must try saving the intel and kill the attackers. More briefcases of intel the team grabs, the more the weapons get unlocked that can be used in Operation LTMs.

The Dragacorn issue, that noticed some animation errors has been fixed. But, reports said that the Dragacorn purchases have been turning unsuccessful every time. Epic is again on the verge of solving the issue and will soon update on the following.

The Riot Control Baton that was disabled temporarily is now enabled back.

On the creative side, items and presents are back, and the seam run issue in the mid-of-island for the mobile players has been fixed.

Epic is working on a few more updates. Due to the delayed finals of FNCS, these updates are taking time to get released. Epic Games has said, “Controller tweaking, tuning, and the investigation continues. We have some changes for the next steps, but we don’t want to release right before the FNCS Invitational Finals.”

Also, Epic has listed a few challenges named, “Storm the Agency” that may have a connection with Fortnite 3. And of course, speaking of big hints, we are aware of the water and weather changes now.

It is also noticed that there is a gradual formation of clouds in the map that is anticipated to hint us about the weather peculiarities. Like always, Epic Games has given a tenuous hint this time as well.

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