Epic announces 23 GB Fortnite patch v15.10 for PC players

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 5 has received its first major patch update, and it’s enormous for PC players.

Epic Games had announced on Twitter about the update version 15.10 coming to Fortnite. This is the first update for the game since the introduction of the Hunters.

Simultaneously, the developer asserted that players with a high-performance PC would get a more extensive patch download than others. This is because of the Performance Mode being added to the game. 

Epic Games drops colossal patch update for Fortnite PC players

The update size for PC players who have high-resolution textures installed is approximately 23 GB. This makes it one of the most extensive updates Fortnite has ever seen, considering the Galactus update was around 4 GB.

The official blog mentioned:

“While Performance Mode will offer improvements for all users that opt-in, there are certain hardware requirements that can offer a significantly smoother experience.”

Naturally, players started sharing their opinions about this humongous update. Several believed that this is because of the new content being added for the festive season.

Players also stated how this PC update resembles the size of Call of Duty’s downloadable content. However, Epic has provided players with a comprehensive list of changes needed to clean up space on their hard drives.

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

Epic recommends that players on older PCs run Fortnite on SSD and that they should have about 6 GB of RAM for higher output. Similarly, a dedicated GPU might not be required, but it does help by enhancing the performance.

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

Winterfest 2020 is on the horizon, and this patch will definitely lay the foundations for the festive season. New LTMs, cosmetics, weapons, and a new NPC have come to the Fortnite island. 

The patch notes sent to the content creators mentioned that this update would feature “Operation: Snowdown.” And as expected, the map terrain has been appropriately altered to fit the winter theme. 

Snowmando has also been added to Fortnite. It is another new NPC that might come with gifts and presents. However, unlike previous seasons, the concept of gifts might rely on the gold bars currency in Chapter 2 – Season 5.

Players can also expect that some new POIs will be added to the game. These winter-POIs are always updated every festive season. It will be interesting to see whether Epic is going to remaster an old location from previous seasons.

The publisher has also mentioned that the update size for next-generation consoles would be huge. This is because Epic is finally introducing the 120 FPS mode for such devices.

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

It is entirely plausible that the Performance Mode will include these changes for PC players as well. Although it will take a while, players are advised to clean up unnecessary files before downloading the update.

Epic is taking things to the next level with these massive performance enhancement changes. Winterfest 2020 is perhaps the most-awaited festive event of all time. Thus, the company might have something else planned beyond this enormous update. 

Previous leaks mentioned that planes would be added to Fortnite after a long time. Hopefully, this patch update includes aircrafts in-game. In all fairness, players will be able to enjoy the enhanced version of Fortnite on PCs with this massive update. 

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