Enable RTX in Fortnite on September 17th

In a pursuit to advance ahead all other graphic manufacturers, NVIDIA created Ray Tracing technology in 2018

Today, the technology is finally being deployed in Fortnite. We previously reported the anticipated Ray Tracing technology after multiple breadcrumbs lead us in the right direction

Earlier this year, DirectX 12 support was released in an effort to support newer generation graphics card optimization. With the 20 series NVIDIA cards dominating the PC gaming market, this development came as no surprise to the broader community

The launch of Season 4 saw another interesting development which all but confirmed Ray Tracing’s arrival this season. Leaked game files provided a much better idea of the timeline; the technology was already there

In fact, players were able to manually edit game files to enable Ray Tracing and come up with absolutely stunning screenshots as a result


The underlying architecture that the newer cards utilize allow for light reactions that was never possible before. High definition shadows and player reflections will now be seen as the new norm for high quality Fortnite graphics

Keep in mind that enabling RTX graphics will lead to a huge loss in performance. If you are a competitive gamer that salivates at keeping a smooth 240hz at all times, this won’t be for you

The casual player base who invests in a 1440p monitor and a beautiful gaming experience will be pleasantly surprised by the new setting available in the option menu September 17th

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