Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Fortnite Foundation Theory Explained

The Foundation is one of the latest members of the Seven revealed in Fortnite and some fans believe he may actually be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Epic Games’ Fortnite has become famous for its unique character crossovers, and The Rock might be next. From the likes of Marvel superheroes to characters of the Star Wars universe, Epic Games continues to introduce new and exciting characters for fans to play as. Season six of Fortnite’s second chapter is currently underway and has seen characters such as Lara Croft and Raven make their way into the battle royale, but there could be someone even bigger waiting in the wings. Some fans believe former-WWE champion and Hollywood superstar, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson could be a surprise character reveal.

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The conclusion of Fortnite’s Season Five saw Jon Jones, or Jonesy, make his way across a battlefield filled with characters from other universes as he tried to stop the Zero Point from imploding. Upon realizing he wasn’t going to be able to save the Zero Point on his own, Jonesy called in some help. An asteroid then crash-lands in front of Jonesy and out emerges a member of the Seven, the mysterious organization that has made sporadic appearances throughout Fornite since Chapter One Season Three. This never-before-seen member of the Seven, The Foundation, then teams up with Jonesy to save the Zero Point.

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Fornite’s recent live event ends with The Foundation trapping himself inside of the Zero Point in order to prevent an explosion. The Zero Point then transformed into a giant tower and is now located in the center of Fortnite‘s current map, The Spire. It’s unclear as to what role The Foundation will play in Fortnite’s plot, but it seems as though he’ll be a very important character moving forward. Little is currently known about The Foundation, but some fans believe the he is actually being voiced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Fortnite Clues Hinting At The Rock Being The Foundation

Fortnite The Foundation

Although The Foundation’s face is covered and its voice is distorted, there are a number of clues that could be implying The Rock is actually the supposed leader of the Seven. The left side of The Foundation’s shoulder, chest, and bicep sport metal plating that looks strikingly similar to the Rock’s iconic chest tattoo. This could be simple coincidence, but the placement of the plating seems a little too specific. On March 16th, the date of Fortnite’s last live event, The Rock posted a video on Instagram in which he stated, “This is all done to strengthen and evolve and grow the power and the force known as… The Foundation.” The Rock didn’t make any specific reference to Fortnite, but considering the post’s date and the fact the character’s name is specifically mentioned, it all feels like a hint at something bigger.

One of the most interesting hints at The Foundation secretly being The Rock can be found in the files of Fortnite. All of the voices lines for The Foundation are located in a folder titled “DJ” which could potentially stand for, “Dwayne Johnson.” There hasn’t been any conclusive proof that can guarantee The Rock really is The Foundation, but there is a good deal of evidence that makes it seem likely. The Foundation is shaping up to be an important character in Fortnite’s story and there are few people better suited to lend the character his voice than The Rock, one of Hollywood’s biggest action stars.

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