Dr Disrespect Pokes Fun at CouRage for Complaining about an Operator Skin in Warzone

Activision has come under fire by a 100Thieves member due to an operator’s skin in Warzone. Content creator for 100T, Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop, shared his frustration with the game, to which Dr Disrespect offered a hilarious response. The studio recently added an operator skin Roze, which has attracted criticism from the fans. The color pattern and design of the skin render a player invisible in dark areas.

As a result, it grants the players a significant advantage, which ultimately makes the skin overpowered. CouRage seemed infuriated with the lack of effort from Activision as the studio has failed to change it.

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It looks like Doc is not in any mood to let his friend rant about Warzone on Twitter. Doc understands Warzone is not a perfect game, and it always has issues that come in the way of players’ experience.

He has learned to ignore the problems and focus on giving his best to deliver an entertaining stream that fans can enjoy. Cribbing about the game won’t ever serve as enjoyable content for the viewers.

Twitter reacts to Dr Disrespect shutting down CouRage

Naturally, this interaction was going to attract a response from fans and other esports personalities as well. TimTheTatman was the first one who reached out to Doc on the thread to take a shot at their friend CouRage.

One fan particularly mentioned Fortnite as another title that also encountered a similar problem. However, Epic Games offered a prompt reaction, which Activision has so far not taken.

Apparently, there is more than a single issue with the title that needs to be addressed. This fan pointed at the situation with the terrible that often cannot provide audio cues of surrounding areas.

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Is there a beef brewing between the two that the world knows nothing about? Well, this fan thinks Doc and CouRage could fight with one another in old-school Call of Duty style.

Well, maybe the entire Warzone community just wants to complain. However, the title is also at fault with issues and bugs that constantly surface despite hot fixes.

Safe to say, Activision has a lot on its plate, and it has to work around the clock to fix the game. Warzone continues to see glitches appear out of the blue, which completely ruins the gameplay experience.

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