Downtime, Crafting and Loot Adjustment, Raptors, and More

The new Fortnite update finally has a date and new official game changes.

Players are eagerly waiting for the next Fortnite update, v16.10. Thanks to the Fortnite Status on Twitter, 30 March 30 is when the update will be available. The download time will start at 4am EST (1am PT). The new Fortnite update will bring a new apex predator to the game, new crafting and loot adjustments, a new storm cycle, and much more.

Below are all the newly confirmed things we can expect for tomorrow’s update.

New Fortnite Update


(Image via Twitter)
(Image via Twitter)

As we’ve speculated for some time now, the Raptors will officially make their way into Battle Royale with the new Fortnite Update. Players have noted large eggs scattered all across the map for some time now, with some even hatching, and others having a heartbeat.

It’s still not confirmed if they’ll be tamable, though it’s suspected that they will be. Aside from this, they will be the new dominant predator in the game as they might be able to produce high damage.

Crafting and Loot

Though not entirely expanded upon, Fornite did mention Crafting and Loot adjustments. It’s plausible to assume this means adjustment times for how long it takes to craft, and possibly how many of certain crafting items you can carry. Whereas loot might refer to what craftable items you can find in-game, making it easier and more convenient to craft.

Balance Changes

The new Fortnite update will also bring some much-needed balancing for weapons and other items. For example, the Primal Shotgun fire rate will be reduced and there will be some adjustments to the Makeshift Shotgun.

Likewise, the cost of material when crafting will now change depending on the rarity of the item players are trying to craft. They also announced that Animal Bones and Mechanical Parts will appear in added floor loot.

Player Crafting (Image via Twitter)
Player Crafting (Image via Twitter)

Other Adjustments

The Fortnite update will bring a new Save the World Ventures Season on 3 April, at 8pm. Introduced in the summer of 2020, a new chapter in this adventure should be interesting. Fortnite also announced that the Zero Point Crisis finale will remain as a playlist until they start downtime.

Lastly, as a bonus, Fortnite Status revealed that they will be trying out new experimental Storm Circles for non-competitive modes in the last two zones. It’ll surely give players a tougher time, or an easier time, trying to get that win.

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Published 30 Mar 2021, 02:54 IST

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