Do the new leaks hint at the season 5 finale event?

Fortnite is arguably one of the most popular games on the planet today. It is an online multiplayer battle royale game where people compete to remain the last man standing to win the game. There are also dozens of other game modes. The reason Fortnite has remained on the top in online gaming has been because their developer, Epic games have been adding a lot of updates and features regularly along with removing bugs and other problems in the game. A new leak has revealed something new that is going to come into the game. Let’s take a look at the Fortnite 15.50 leaks. 

Fortnite 15.50 Leaks 

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The new Fortnite leaks including 15.50 have given the fans a good indication of what is going to happen at the end of the ongoing Fortnite season 5 finale. Until now, the finale for Chapter 2 when Galactus himself appeared and players had to team up to defeat the gigantic God monster was considered the best finale in Fortnite’s history. The season 2 finale was a full-scale war and no other game had ever done a giant event like this ever before. Since then, the expectations for Fortnite’s season finales have risen up a lot. 

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In Fortnite season 4 developers added a lot of Fortnite skins and playable characters from other franchises such as Kratos, Alien, Predator and even The Mandalorian. As a result, this season has been the most popular of all the seasons so far. However, Fortnite still has to deliver an awesome finale that can surpass or at least, be as good as the season 2 Galactus finale. 

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A trustworthy Fortnite hacker who goes by the name HYPEX on Twitter has leaked an audio file that gives an idea about the end of the season. In the audio, we can hear the sounds of ripping and tearing as if the Fortnite dimension itself is being shattered apart. This could be the result of all the new franchise characters hopping into the Fortnite dimension from different universes. Fortnite developers are seemingly preparing the users for a big battle with all these famous characters, at the end of which they will be forced back into their own universes as players battle and defeat them, to restore balance to the Fortnite dimension. Stay tuned for more news on Fortnite and gaming.  

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