Dignitas Signs Core Of Homeless ‘Valorant’ Team

Dignitas has announced the signing of the core of the Valorant team that has played under the name Homeless in recent tournaments, with four of the five players that usually play on the squad joining the Dignitas organization. A fifth player for Dignitas Valorant is expected to be announced soon. 

Rory “dephh” Jackson, Harrison “psalm” Chang, Phat “Supamen” Le and Phat “POISED” Le are the four players that have signed to Dignitas. 

Most of those names should be familiar to fans of a number of esports, with dephh competing at the top level of CS:GO for many years, psalm being a former HOTS pro and taking second place in the Fortnite World Cup, and Supamen being one of the best Western Crossfire players ever. The only new name is POISED, someone who competed as an amateur CS:GO player while balancing education, and now going full time in Valorant. 

The Homeless roster put up some impressive results during its time. The squad managed to take third/fourth place in the PAX Arena Invitational Ignition Series event and came fifth/sixth in the Pittsburgh Knights Invitational Gauntlet Series this past weekend. 

“We have our eyes set on making a big splash into Valorant,” said dephh. “We are here to form storylines and rivalries that Dignitas fans can be a part of. Knowing that Dignitas was originally founded in the UK is a big inspiration for me personally to join the organisation. I’ve competed against Dignitas multiple times over my gaming career and I’m proud to join such a prestigious organisation.”

This is a big signing for the Dignitas organization, which already has top teams in a number of games. The organization’s female CS:GO team had already committed to playing some Valorant, but there is no word on how this new signing will impact on their plans if at all. 

“Entering the Valorant ecosystem is a natural expansion for Dignitas, given our history in Riot’s League of Legends,” said James Baker, general manager at Dignitas. “The esport is primed for success, backed by the most successful developer in competitive gaming, coupled with gameplay full of exciting moments. We are aiming to continue our legacy of developing top-performing teams that command an army of fans worldwide. With our roster of both veterans and up and coming stars, we are solidifying our position as a world leader in the competitive gaming space.”

Valorant is unique in that it attracts players and fans from various existing esports ecosystems,” added Heather Garozzo, VP of talent at Dignitas. “With backgrounds in CS:GO, Fortnite, Heroes of the Storm and Crossfire, this roster brings together a multitude of esports backgrounds. We look forward to assisting the players with developing their personal brands while giving them the resources to be one of the game’s most successful rosters.”

The Dignitas roster will be playing in the upcoming Pop Flash tournament that is being hosted by B Site and will be the final Ignition Series event in North America. The team will obviously be looking to make a good start under the Dignitas name, and with the level of players on the team, it would not be a surprise to see them in the top half of the table. 

“Dignitas have proven that they can provide the resources and expertise to their players to become world champions,” said dephh. “We as a team plan on doing everything in our power to use this opportunity and support to go win one for ourselves. There is nothing else on our minds right now, we are not frightened of anybody and plan on showing it.

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