Destiny 2 Gets Fortnite-Style Live Event Saturday When Rasputin Shoots Down The Almighty

All throughout Destiny 2‘s current content season, players have been completing Seraph Tower events in an effort to power up Rasputin, a powerful computer that once controlled the entire solar system’s defenses. The plan was for Rasputin to use its weapons to shoot down the Almighty, a giant spaceship that’s currently hurtling toward the Last City on a collision course. After months of preparation, the time to shoot down the Almighty is finally upon us–it’s happening at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET on Saturday, June 6.

Bungie tweeted that we’ll finally see Rasputin deal with the Almighty this weekend, which is just a few days before the launch of Season 11 on June 9. The official tweet is thin on details, however; it doesn’t say exactly what’s going to happen at the daily reset on Saturday, or what players should expect.

It does sound like it might be a good idea to be in the Tower at the time of the reset, however. That’s according to Lars Bakken, the Season of the Worthy’s creative lead, who responded to players on Twitter encouraging them to sign on Saturday.

That sounds like we’ll be seeing a live event take place in Destiny 2 at its reset Saturday. Destiny is usually more about cutscenes and missions for events like this that don’t require you to log in at specific times–the idea that you need to be in the game at a certain time sounds more like one of the live events that Fortnite and other live games have been known for.

It’s been a while in the works, but Rasputin knocking out the Almighty is the culmination of the events of this content season. The ship actually first appeared in the Destiny 2 vanilla story campaign–it was part of the Red Legion’s invasion of the solar system. The ship is essentially a big gun the Cabal use to destroy stars; if they can’t conquer a star system, they destroy it. In the story campaign, players disabled the Almighty, but it has been stuck in orbit around the sun ever since.

In Destiny 2’s last season, the Season of Dawn, a trio of Red Legion psions tried to use time travel to change the outcome of the Red War from the vanilla story campaign. They failed, thanks to the efforts of players, and as a last-ditch effort, the remaining Red Legion forces set the Almighty flying straight at the Last City. It’s taken a long time for the ship to show up, and in the meantime, players spent the Season of the Worthy powering up Rasputin’s capabilities to destroy the ship before it crashes into the city.

From a story standpoint, that seems like it could have unforeseen consequences. Zavala, for one, doesn’t trust that Rasputin has the best interests of humanity at heart. And during the course of the season, we learned about some bad stuff Rasputin got up to over the years. In “The Lie,” it was revealed that Rasputin was responsible for destroying the Iron Lords, a story that was told back in Destiny 1. That suggests that Rasputin might be less predictable and reliable than some might have hoped.

Though we know Rasputin is finally going to deal with the Almighty on Saturday, we don’t yet know where the story is going after that. Bungie is planning a reveal livestream on June 9 before the release of the new season, and that should tell us what to expect both from Season 11 and the upcoming start of Destiny 2’s Year 4, which will kick off in the fall.

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