Dead By Daylight Streamer Shuts Down Sexist Viewer Over ‘Joke’

After encountering a sexist commenter on her stream, Twitch streamer negaoryx kept control of her stream with a fantastic dressing-down.

Twitch streamer negaoryx has posted a video to her Twitter account which shows her calling out a viewer’s sexist comments. negaoryx became popular about two years ago, when a clip of her reacting to a brutal cutscene in The Last of Us went viral and became a popular meme. She acts as an official Twitch partner, while also working as a voice actor and freelance host.

As the popularity of video game streaming has risen over the past several years, Twitch streamers have also become more recognizable and profitable. Popular Fortnite streamer Grefg recently broke several viewership records on the platform, during an even in which he revealed his own official in-game Fortnite skin. Grefg’s stream drew in 2,470,347 concurrent viewers, which broke three separate Twitch records including single streamer all-time concurrent views, single game all-time concurrent views and most concurrent views during an Esports event. Dr. Disrespect, a former Twitch streamer who was banned from the platform but continues to stream on YouTube, spoke up in support of Grefg after the record-breaking event.

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During a recent Twitch stream, negaoryx spoke out against a viewer who was making sexist comments in chat. The clip posted to her Twitter begins by highlighting the viewer’s disrespectful comment, “Hi! What color is your thong today?”, which provokes an agitated response from negaoryx. The streamer asks the viewer to respect women, and when the viewer responds that she “can’t take a joke” negaoryx gives them a pretty epic dressing-down. She discusses what a joke actually is, using comedian John Mulaney as an example, and generally shuts down the commenter.

While Twitch has been a source of great success for many streamers, many of the service’s policies and decisions have also been criticized. Earlier this year xQc, a popular streamer, was banned from the platform for using a clip from his own ten-year-old stream. xQc’s clip resulted in a Digital Millennium Copyright Act strike against him, despite the clip being decades-old and coming from his own stream. The platform’s popular PogChamp emote, depicting streamer Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez with an amusing facial expression, was removed from the site due to extremist views expressed by Gutierrez.  Gutierrez was said to encourage violence, via social media, during the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6.

Twitch can be an extremely useful platform for gamers to either express themselves by streaming their own gameplay or entertain themselves by watching others. However, like any social media platform, Twitch can also result in conflict. Anonymity can often fuel inappropriate comments, but negaoryx handled the situation admirably by addressing the issue and maintaining control of her stream. While rude commenters will always exist, Twitch streamers can look to negaoryx’s example of how to handle sexist or otherwise hurtful behavior.

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Source: negaoryx / Twitter

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