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in Fortnite | Feb, 3rd 2021

Without a doubt, one of the hottest new topics in the esports industry is the Guild Esports organization. The esports team is one of the newest in the entire scene, but it has already taken the world by storm with its high-profile names involved. It is growing today with a new addition to the Guild Esports Fortnite team. 

The Guild Esports Fortnite team announced on Twitter this week that it is adding a new member to the growing competitive battle royale team, and the latest addition is its biggest yet. The Guild team has signed none other than TaySon as the next player to join the main roster. 

TaySon is a notable player in the Fortnite scene for several reasons. Not only is he young and just now getting into his prime with so much potential and lots of years of competing ahead of him, but he is currently one of the best Fortnite players in the entire world. 

He is currently known as the number one Fortnite player in all of Europe. Rightfully so, with many victories and high placements under his belt in only a short time competing professionally. He is making waves in the competitive scene with his unbelievable, award-winning talent. 

So, it is no surprise that an esports organization wanted to pick him up for their Fortnite team and the one to finally do it is the Guild Esports Fortnite team. This is a great match, in our opinion, as it brings together two sides that will likely work well for the future. 

The signing of TaySon to the Guild Esports Fortnite team is wonderful because they have a lot in common. They are both highly talented, very popular, relatively new, and still growing, with plenty of limitless potential waiting ahead of them. 

Guild Esports is an organization that has been making a name for himself in the last few months as the esports group that is backed by none other than David Beckham. One of the greatest and most beloved soccer players in the entire world, he has dived into the esports scene in his way.

He has decided to back Guild Esports as the esports organization to represent his brand and talent in the digital space. Guild has been doing its best to live up to that reputation by making signings left and right with some of the industry’s biggest names across various video games. 

And with the signing of TaySon to the Guild Esports Fortnite team, it now has one of the world’s best players ready to compete as part of the battle royale team in the future. TaySon is the fourth and likely final member of the starting roster for the Guild Fortnite team. 

He joins the other three players already part of it, including Hen, Anas, and Flikk. Those three players have already made a name for themselves before TaySon’s signing by winning the recent Cash Cup that started the Fortnite esports season as one of the first events of the year.

With TaySon now the fourth member of the group, they not only have the best player in all of Europe on their side and one of the best in the world, but they also have immense talent and teamwork that will serve them well in the coming weeks and months as the competitions begin ramping up. 

The team will have their first chance to show off their skills and teamwork together as a full party of four players in their upcoming qualifying tournament for the Fortnite Competitive Series Season 5 qualifier event that will be kicking off this weekend. 

TaySon joins the team just in time to show up for that event and show off how he will work with his new organization. It was undoubtedly clear that he would not be able to join one particular organization, and no one else would be able to, either, and that is Team SoloMid. 

Though they are one of the most prolific organizations in esports, and the name that everyone knows, they are not going to be known for in the future is Fortnite battle royale. They did have a dedicated Fortnite team in the past, but that is no longer the case moving forward.

From now on, TSM won’t have a Fortnite esports team that will compete in events and tournaments that Epic Games and any third-party ones officially hold. The entire team that was a strong one with some of the world’s strongest players, like Saf and others, has been completely dropped. 

No reasoning was given for the sudden departure from the Fortnite battle royale esports team, but this is something that TSM will no longer do in the future. It is likely because Epic Games has not supported the esports scene well in recent months, at least in our opinion. 

Others in the community agree that Epic has dropped the ball for Fortnite esports, whereas other games have thrived during this pandemic season and been much more flexible. For instance, there should be a World Cup this year anyway, even if it is online-only.

This stuff hasn’t stopped other games and doesn’t make sense for Fortnite to not thrive in an online environment. Hopefully, this year is much better than last year, at least in terms of events, but we will have to wait and see how teams like Guild Esports do in 2021 and beyond.

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