Data traffic hits new peak once a Fortnite

Chorus says traffic on its UFB network reached a record high
on Thursday evening. It says data traffic peaked at

This was at around 8pm. Traffic always peaks in
the evening when people stream television services like

Yet that wasn’t the reason for Thurday’s
surge. That was when developers released the most recent
version of Fortnite, the popular online game.

Once a

Chorus says the Fortnite update beat the
previous network peak. That was earlier in the month when
there was an update to the Call of Duty game. A pattern
is emerging with big game downloads

The network coped
with the load without congestion. We can’t take this for

Earlier in the year traffic surged when New
Zealand first went into lockdown. This was a heady mix of
people working from home during the day and using video
conferencing. They then stayed in at night and streamed
movies or TV shows.

Volume all the way up to

March traffic hit 2.8 Tbps
. At the time Chorus pointed
out this was well within its theoretical maximum capacity of
3.5 Tbps.

Thursday’s peak came close to this level.
Chorus says today’s network capacity is around 4.5

New Zealand got lucky when the pandemic triggered a
surge in data demand. Only months earlier telcos upgraded
networks to cope with anticipated Rugby World Cup

We’re not so lucky when it comes to blockbuster
game downloads. Games software companies time worldwide
launches to co-incide with international demand lulls. That
happens to be New Zealand’s demand peak. So we push our
networks to the limit.

Away from games and streaming,
Auckland’s level 3 lockdown saw higher daytime traffic.
Although it is up on recent weeks, it hasn’t returned to
the levels seen during the first lockdown.

Chorus says
traffic was at 1.49 Tbps at noon on Friday. That’s around
40 percent above the level earlier in the month when there
were no lockdowns. The company says Auckland traffic was up
69 percent, the rest of the country was up only eight

Data traffic hits new peak once a
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