Cyberpunk Update 1.06 – Patch Notes, Release Date, File Size, Platforms & everything we know

We recently received another update for Cyberpunk 2077, which continues the task of repairing the game’s long list of bugs since release.

We know further updates are in the pipeline, so here’s what we know about Update 1.06.

Release Date

Despite the Christmas holidays being just a few days away, there’s every chance of CD Projekt Red rolling out further hotfixes ahead of the first big title update in January.

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We’re expecting Title Update 1 to arrive on Friday, 11 January or Friday, 18 January 2021.

Previous updates arrived on a Friday, so we assume this trend will continue.

Patch Notes

At the moment we do not know the patch notes as the patch is not yet available, but that doesn’t mean we’re clueless as what’s going to arrive.

According to a studio release, the January update will be dedicated to improving the game experience on pre-generation consoles.

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This means that the patch will try to fix the biggest issues that have been reported by users so far.

This will not be the only update dedicated to this as there is also one scheduled for February with the same objective.

Update 1.05

Update 1.05 was released on Friday, December 18 for PlayStation and Xbox users.

PC users received such version almost 24 hours after the console release.

The patch size was between 15 and 17GB on consoles, while the PC version was around 9GB.

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It repaired several bugs we could find in campaign missions, such as when Jackie mysteriously disappeared during The Pickup and The Heist missions or several instances where the player did not receive any calls after certain missions or events.

For gameplay, the patch adjusts NPC reaction times when covered and corrects the number of shots required to eliminate civilians from a distance.

For the full patch notes, head here.

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