Crysis Battle Royale Footage Leaks Online

Video footage surfaces that seems to show an in-progress version of another title in the Crysis series, a Crysis battle royale game.

The original Crysis released back in 2007 and quickly became the talk of many gamers and tech enthusiasts. Crysis featured a very complex game engine at the time, and running the game at full settings was practically impossible for even the best PCs available. In 2020 developer Crytek released Crysis Remastered, and though it isn’t nearly as demanding as its predecessor, Crysis Remastered has ray-tracing capabilities and has a dedicated 8K mode. But footage of another Crysis game in development has possibly leaked online, and that game is rumored to be a Crysis battle royale.

This rumored battle royale game has been discussed by Crysis fans since the end of October 2020. Leaked Crytek documents revealed the Crysis battle royale game along with a few VR titles that may be in development. The rumored title of this battle royale game is Crysis Next, and it will supposedly be “free-to-play” and allow for “100s of players” to play in the same game. No additional news has been discovered about the potential Crysis Next or what it might entail until recently, when a blurry video was discovered on 4chan that claims to be footage of the battle royale game.

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The video is made in the same style as a leak video for Halo 4 back in 2012 and simply shows footage from the potential Crysis game as an anonymous gamer plays it. Loud rap music plays in the background and there is so sound from the actual game. The footage, if it actually is Crysis Next, clearly shows the game in a developmental state. Textures are unfinished and color palettes for the player character and the rest of the environment are largely monotone browns and whites.

crysis suit on beach

The battle royale elements of the game are pretty clear though. At one point the player seems to parachute into the map in a similar style to other battle royale games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone. There are also black square graphics that pop up at one point that look similar to perks or weapons a player might be able to choose. Although it’s hard to tell how far along this game is, it seems that the player is able to perform basic functions like movement, searching crates, and shooting a weapon.

While this leak does show some basic elements of battle royale gameplay, there isn’t much to distinguish it for sure as the rumored Crysis Next. The game footage shown is certainly not at the same development stage as the recent Elden Ring trailer leak, but the two videos are similarly blurry and poor quality. Until there’s more evidence proving this is the Crysis battle royale game, fans should remain cautiously optimistic.

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Source: Pure Xbox

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