‘Crucible’ to Become the New ‘Fortnite’ – Play It for FREE

Crucible, the multiplayer sci-fi shooter game from Amazon Game Studios and Relentless Studios, is now free to play on PC. It’s Amazon’s first big-budget PC game and is joining the ranks of hit games like Fortnite.

Those that log in before 11:59 pm PST on June 1 will receive 1,000 in-game credits for free.

The Gameplay

Photo: Amazon

Crucible is a team-based action shooter game driven by the player’s choices. Amazon’s description states, “Choose from a diverse roster of aliens and humans and then work with teammates to hunt opponents, take down hostile creatures, and harvest Essence.”

At the time of launch, there are ten hunters available, each with their own weapons and abilities.

The game features different modes to offer different match-ups: Heart of the Hives, Harvest Command, and Alpha Hunters.

  • Heart of the Hives features two teams of four characters battling creatures and capturing monster hearts before the opposing team can do it.
  • Harvest Command has two teams of eight compete to gain Harvesters on the map in hopes of controlling Essence, which can drain the opponent’s resources.
  • Alpha Hunters mode has eight teams of two fight to the death.

The game is rated “Teen” for violence, mild language, and involves optional in-game purchases and user interaction.

How to Play Crucible

To play Crucible, you need to download it on Steam. Click the green “Play Game” button to get access.

In addition to the free game, there’s also DLCs available for purchase: The Tracker Founder’s Pack for $15, the Predator Founder’s Pack for $25 and the Alpha Hunter Founder’s Pack for $50. 

The Tracker Founder’s Pack has a new skin for Captain Mendoza, 500 in-game credits, the Pre-Season Battle Pass and 100 battle stars. With the Predator Founder’s Pack, you get the Captain Mendoza skin, 1,000 in-game credits, a key to select your choice from a collection of legendary character skins, the Pre-Season Battle Pass and 200 battle stars. The Alpha Hunter Founder’s Pack has the Captain Mendoza skin, 6,000 in-game credits, the Gold Hammer Stability Pod drop pod skin, a key to choose from a collection of legendary character skins, the Pre-Season Battle Pass and 400 battle stars.

Watch the game trailer below:

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