CourageJD reveals why Fortnite is not playable anymore

Over the past few months, we have seen quite a few content creators talk about various issues that plague Fortnite. Notable creators such as SypherPK have talked at length about basic issues that have forced gamers to consider other options.

Various Fortnite gamers who have been loyal to the game since its release back in 2018, have considering switching to other titles. This includes Tfue, who called the game unplayable, and Ninja, who has been spending more time on games such as Valorant.

Server issues, glitches and other content-related problems have also been talked about. Recently, various content creators had even accused Epic of releasing ‘clickbait’ updates. Regardless, Jack “CourageJD” Dunlop, who had in the past said that he has stopped playing Fortnite because he thought it had nothing new to offer, has now shed further light on his decision to quit the game.

Bugha has also shed light on various glitch-related issues in the recent past.
Bugha has also shed light on various glitch-related issues in the recent past.

‘I wanted to love the game, but couldn’t: CourageJD reveals why Fortnite is not playable anymore

On 12th October, CourageJD posted a video explaining all the reasons why he simply couldn’t continue playing Fortnite. For starters, he admitted that he wanted to ‘love the game’, but simply couldn’t. The game has become too competitive and ‘sweaty’ after the Fortnite World Cup, and is no longer fun for him to play.

Further, he explained that he loved the game earlier because he could simply relax and enjoy long gaming sessions. However, that is no longer true. CuurageJD also talked about the introduction of skill-based matchmaking, which in itself has played a huge part in driving him, and other Fortnite content creators, away.

CourageJD and Ninja
CourageJD and Ninja

The streamer admitted that he was no longer able to compete with other top-tier players. He said that while the overall skill levels have increased, most players that he meets due to the matchmaking system, are not conducive to good video content. As you can see below, CourageJD simply does not love the game anymore.

“It became obviously a much sweatier game. And then you add in things like skill-based matchmaking, which I think was one of the things that completely destroyed my love for the game. I think that it absolutely took away the ability to have as much fun as you once did streaming,”

You can watch the entire video below.

Published 18 Oct 2020, 21:24 IST

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