CIV 6 patch notes introduce Red Death Season 2 and fix game exploits

Civilization 6 is a highly popular turn-based strategy 4X video game from Firaxis Games. The game has recently received a new update 1.04 which highlights Red Death Season 2, a brand new iteration of the PC multiplayer mode. The CIV 6 update also brings a set of unique faction abilities which will be applicable for both old and new cliques. Officials at Civilizations 6 have released the official patch notes which also implements a number of important bug fixes in the game.

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CIV 6 patch notes

Here’s a look at the detailed CIV 6 patch notes:

Red Death Season 2 – Faction Unique Abilities

Aliens – Xenological Camouflage 

  • All units will be able to make use of Xenological Camouflage to gain invisiblility.

Cultists – The Undying Eye

  • Cultists will begin a game using a crippled GDR. It will start damaged and won’t heal or gain any experience naturally.

Borderlords – Grieving Gift

  • Borderlords can deploy a fake supply drop at a certain spot on the next turn. If another user deploys a supply drop, it will cause an explosion at that location.

Mutants – Radiant Personalities

  • Mutants that initiate a turn in the Red Death will absorb eight Radiation Charges on a single turn. They will be able to spread Red Death to other non-Red Death hexes automatically for a single Radiation Charge with one hex. Mutant units won’t be affected by a mutant spread Red Death.

Pirates – Buried Treasure

Pirates will begin the game with a Treasure Map to a buried treasure location which will be reflected on their minimap. Once a pirate unit of that player gets near the treasure location, the pirate will receive a unit and a new treasure map.

Zombies – Barely Weaponized Zombies (Passive)

When someone kills a non-zombie enemy unit, it will result in more Zombie Hordes. These hordes will not face any combat penalties whenever they take damage.

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  • Developers are working on updates to Maya and Gran Colombia based on feedback from players.

Exploits Fixed

  • Removed an ability where players were able to select multiple pantheons, generating multiple bonuses
  • Removed an exploit for movement points and combat strength
  • Removed an exploit where players were able to take advantage of free policy change post completing a civic
  • Removed an exploit which allowed more than one copy of the same district in a given city

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New updates

  • If players make mad-attacks or take down all civilians to earn a diplo victory, it won’t be much effective
  • The favour penalty has been increased on excess pollution
  • There is a new favour penalty for users who possess foreign capitals
  • Diplomatic victory resolution will now deduct 2 victory points, instead of 3
  • Points will be counted at the beginning of a player’s turn. As such, it won’t be possible to win with points that a player actually lost in the world congress
  • Palenque will now become a Mayan city. The city-state will be called Mitla
  • There are a bunch of UI changes, which includes a text-size option for chat panel, page history, and a new feature that will allow resizing the offers and inventory panels during diplomacy
  • Cities will display the actual production cost for units and maintenance; however, players can still find the base cost in the Civilopedia


  • The Play-By-Cloud functionality has been restored for all users
  • Several crash and performance improvements have been implemented
  • Additional general bug fixes and polish

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