Chicken Glide at Colossal Crops Fortnite Challenge: Explained

Fortnite is one of the games that always have new content for the new players to dwell in. Whether it be weekly challenges, Seasonal Updates, version updates, there’s always something new for the players to try out in the game. These new features are always adored by the players and they want to try them out as soon as possible. This week all the players are busy with the last set of Fortnite Weekly Challenges for Season 6. Players have been curious about how to Chicken Glide at Colossal Crops in Fortnite.

How to Chicken Glide at Colossal Crops in Fortnite?

The theme of season 6 is Primal, and during this season the players have gotten accustomed to the wildlife the inhabits Fortnite Island. Players have various uses with these animals such as hunting them, riding them, taming them and more. For this Fortnite Challenge, the players have to glide across a patch of land, using a chicken. To complete this challenge, the player just needs two things, first to reach the location and second to grab hold of a chicken.

The players can reach Colossal Crops by using the in-game map. In that location there is a pond nearby and around that is the area where the players can see the green pastures turning orange. They need to reach this location as it is the closest Chicken Spawn spot in Fortnite. To grab the chicken, the players can slowly sneak up to it and use the interact button or run towards it and get it done, if the players aren’t careful, the chicken will start running away. After the chicken has been caught, the player will glide every time they jump. Now, all that the player has to do is jump with the Chicken in Colossal Crops and the quest should be marked completed.

Chicken Glide at Colossal Crops not working

Many players have been suffering from a glitch where they have observed Chicken Glide at Colossal Crops not working. Due to this glitch, the players were not able to complete this quest. Even when the players were trying to glide across every corner of the Colossal Crops POI, the quest wasn’t getting marked as completed. Epic has acknowledged the issue and the developers are trying to provide a solution as soon as possible. This issue is occurring with select players and not everyone.

Fortnite Weekly Challenges for Week 12

Fortnite Season 6 Weekly Challenges for the 12th week have been released. These Fortnite Challenges are a fantastic way for the player to collect massive amounts of XP to level up faster in the battle pass and claim the much-needed cosmetic enhancements. Grinding and completing all Weekly Challenges will grant the player a huge XP boost. There are normal weekly challenges and legendary challenges this time around. Check out all the Fortnite Weekly Challenges for this week below:

Epic Challenges

  • Visit the Zero Point (1)
  • Craft pistols (3)
  • Defeat a Spire Guardian (1)
  • Hunt predators (3)
  • Tame boars outside of Colossal Crops (1)
  • Chicken Glide at Colossal Crops (1)
  • Raid an artifact from Stealthy Stronghold and from Coral Castle (2)

Legendary Challenge

  • Spend gold bars (150, 300, 450, 600, 750)


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