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Death Stranding falls under the genre of an action game and has been developed by Kojima Productions. The game is the first from Kojima Productions and director Hideo Kojima after they had split from Konami back in the year 2015. It was released by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 in November 2019 and by 505 Games for Windows in July 2020. Here you will know about the Death Stranding patch notes for 1.05 and earlier versions.

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Death Stranding 1.05 Patch Notes

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Death Stranding is one of the few games which is very famous for not receiving a lot of updates. As you can see in the latest 5 updates, they all were released with just a single or a few changes.

Death Stranding Update 1.05 Patch Notes

The update of 1.05 has a download size of just over 1GB, and there is nothing much mentioned in the patch notes either. The patch notes of this update just have a single bullet point.

  • Various performance improvements

Death Stranding PC 1.04 Update Patch Notes

The update of version 1.04 has a download size of 5 GB, brings along a new Ultra Performance Mode for DLSS 2.1 along with the Achievement Display Support for the Epic Games Store version. 

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  • Added Ultra Performance Mode for DLSS 2.1.
  • Added Achievement Display Support for Epic Games Store.
  • Improved game stability.

Death Stranding Update 1.03 Patch Notes

  • Update v 1.03 is a very minor update which adds NVIDIA DLSS support for NVIDIA Ampere GPUs.

Death Stranding PC 1.02 Update Patch Notes

The update of version 1.02 update mainly focuses on improving the keybindings and providing the players with more options to use certain keys for performing certain actions.

  • Key assignments for Use/Dismount Vehicle can now be set separately to “Perform Action” and “In Vehicle”. You can now set different keys for getting on and off a vehicle.
  • When restarting the game after changing key assignments, some key assignments were reverted. This issue has now been fixed.
  • Other stability improvements and general bug fixes are included.
  • Fixed an issue where frame rate dropped when using Steam Input.

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