Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson Has An Exclusive Fortnite Locker Bundle

Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson just got an exclusive Fortnite Locker Bundle collaboration, but she’s been in the gaming community for years now.

Sure, Fortnite has taken the world by storm, but that doesn’t mean it has time to slow down. The game continues to grow today with the addition of new cosmetics, a plethora of guest characters and celebrity appearances.

Fortnite has brought plenty of celebrities into the fold recently (and some who have yet to be revealed, fans speculate). The latest one? None other than Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson, who has added a custom Fortnite Locker Bundle to the game’s item store.

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Locker loadouts are relatively new to the popular battle royale, having been added just last year. They’re really just Fortnite’s gimmick name for custom loadouts, allowing you to customize what your character has on their person as they go into battle. Players can pick and choose their loadout before a match, giving them presets to select from in-game.

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Occasionally, though, Fortnite will branch out with Locker Bundle sales, in which players can buy a loadout designed by or themed around a personality. To date, these have been built around gaming personalities, such as the Locker Bundles based on YouTube personalities Fresh and EpikWhale’s loadouts that were released in March.

Larson is the first proper celebrity to have a Fortnite bundle, but it’s a hell of a Locker Bundle. The most notable inclusion is the Bushranger outfit. It’s not actually a new skin; the Bushranger skin debuted in 2019 and has been a fairly popular skin among Fortnite players. For the Locker Bundle, Larson has collaborated with Epic to create a custom variation of the skin, dubbed Dream Ranger, which has a gorgeous blue and purple color scheme. It’s also got a customized bandolier loaded to bear with mushrooms and a BB necklace. The BB stands for Bush Babies, the name of Laron’s real-life Fortnite squad.

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Continuing the naturist theme is the Buzzy Bag backpack and Honey Hitters harvesting tool. Much like Dream Ranger, these are slightly redesigned with a blue and purple color scheme, but otherwise, they’re existing assets that have been reused. Wrapping up the locker are two emotes, Freemix and Glitter.

Of course, perhaps most ironically, is that Larson didn’t use the obvious skin: Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers herself was added to Fortnite last December in a pack that also included Black Panther and Taskmaster. It makes sense, though, that it’s a Brie Larson Locker and not a Captain Marvel one. Larson has slowly developed a reputation in the gaming community as a gaming personality herself. In 2020 she was also a Nintendo ambassador who regularly appeared to hype up Animal Crossing: New Horizons, even showing fans her own island. She’s now branched out into Fortnite and is even teaching fellow MCU star Tessa Thompson how to play the game.

Fans interested in purchasing Brie Larson’s Locker Bundle can do so from the Fortnite Item Shop…if they can find it. It’s a Rare Locker Bundle, so it may be some time before it reappears and hasn’t been seen since April 16th. If you are lucky enough to find it, though, you can purchase it with Fortnite’s in-game currency for 2,000 V-Bucks, which translates to roughly $20 in real money.

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